Green Roofing for Industrial Properties Gains Momentum Across Canada

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Green Roofing for Industrial Properties Gains Momentum Across Canada

Climate change is probably the biggest threat humanity is facing and finally more and more businesses are coming to this realization and putting actions in motion. While many are turning their heads to ways of cutting down on carbon emission and disposing of waste, having an integrated plan that addresses every single environmentally damaging gap will be the only way towards a sustainable future.

An important part of this relates to the functionality of the buildings themselves. Managing the impact of industrial roof systems means assessing and making an informed decision based on what impact the chosen materials will have across the cycle – from manufacture, transportation, coverage, replacement and recyclability, to the performance of insulation.

Green roofs are more than just one option

Having a green roof installed can mean more than just adding solar panels to it. Thanks to advances in technology design and manufacturing, green roofing can offer industrial properties with a number of options to meet their unique needs.

At a very basic level, a green roof tends to be partially or completely covered with vegetation. The benefits of adopting such a solution are endless. The property will benefit from a sustainable drainage system in the event of excessive rain having been shown to be able to retain as much as 75% of the water. It also acts as an effective insulator and reduces energy consumption, as well as the obvious benefits of playing a crucial role in cleaning air quality and creating biodiversity.

It is understandable however that these solutions can only be adopted by certain industries and under certain circumstances. This is why a green roof can also mean an eco-friendly roof. This can be achieved by making informed decisions around the materials used for roofing. For instance, clay roof tiles are more environmentally friendly than cement ones. Reclaimed roof tiles on the other hand have a lower impact on carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

Only a specialist can give the right recommendation

Royal Commercial Roofing is a Toronto-based roof installer and repair company with a long-standing heritage of over 30 years. As a result of this, they are well-versed in evaluating and making an informed recommendation when it comes to industrial roof installation, repairs or replacements.

“Green roofs are all the hype right now which is great to see. However, as specialists when advising our clients, we need to keep in mind other aspects of feasibility. For example, a flat industrial roof can be an excellent option for a so-called living roof. We have been having a number of conversations with existing and prospect clients around not only the environmental benefits, but the financial ones too. Estimates say that such a roof can save money long term due to their long lifespan and reductions in energy spending”, said a Royal Commercial Roofing spokesperson.

About Royal Commercial Roofing

Experts at Royal Commercial Roofing in Toronto have one mission: to deliver solutions at the highest of standards. With a far-reaching client portfolio which encapsulates various industries from retail to hospitality, their team has been building on a legacy of over 30 years of quality craftsmanship and impeccable customer service.

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