This unique bacteria and Mites eliminating robot has raised over 7 times its funding goal on Kickstarter

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This unique bacteria and Mites eliminating robot has raised over 7 times its funding goal on Kickstarter

Rockubot is a super unique and innovative gadget that has received rave response on Kickstarter, raising over $36000 in funding so far, which is much higher than its funding goal of $5000. The campaign ends on October 19th and is expected to go viral considering the amazing response it has been receiving from backers worldwide and why not! Because Rockubot is a portable robot that kills bacteria and mites using UV-C light and Ultrasonic waves. It is an advanced germ-killing robot that comes with multiple features to eliminate germs and airborne viruses from the user’s environment, to keep them safe and healthy.

Rockubot can be used to kill germs and mites on the bed, table, mobile phone, toilet seat, floor surface and anything where disease-causing germs are likely to spread. This gadget comes with several advanced features that make it the most user-friendly and efficient germ eliminating robot ever. Even the cleanest sheets and towels may have bacteria’s lurking. With this super innovative device, one doesn’t have to cynical about sleeping on a new bed, or spending a night in a hotel while traveling. Even at home, this device can be used to eliminate bacterias that cause colds, viral infections, and other health risks.

Rockubot is for anyone who travels often and spends nights in hotels, someone who has a baby or young child, someone who has pets, someone who suffers from mysophobia, someone who is susceptible to illness, someone who is allergic to mites and bugs or someone who just wants to spend a healthy life. Rockubot, using the power of UV-C and Ultrasonic waves kills 99.9% bacteria and 100% mites and bugs respectively. The UV-C light has been used as a germicide for decades for its power to disable the growth of micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. It provides a chemical-free and safe alternative to conventional disinfection methods like chlorine. The Ultrasonic wave is a kind of sound wave whose frequency is higher than 20,000 Hz with a strong penetration ability, that repels mites hidden deeply in the mattress at the microscopic level. The ultrasonic wave is inaudible to humans but audible to insects, harmless to human and pets.

Rockubot is equipped with advanced sensors that enable it to follow a certain path for cleaning and prevent it from falling off an edge or surpassing any obstacles on the way. It can clean underneath a blanket in both directions at the same time, sanitizing and disinfecting the sleeping area. This chemical-free, mess-free and ultra-reliable germ-killing robot is available at an early bird price of $119 (estimated MRP is $259) through its Kickstarter campaign.

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