Why New Technology is Creating a Non-Invasive Solution to Double Chins

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Why New Technology is Creating a Non-Invasive Solution to Double Chins

There are many common complaints about physical appearance that drive people to seek out cosmetic treatment, and one of the most notoriously difficult to address is the double chin. This is partly down to them being different in nature from fat-related issues that affect other parts of the body – and the cause of them can be many and complex. Double chin removal is now possible.

Genetics, age, obesity and lifestyle are all possible causes in the development of a double chin, and many of these are difficult to reverse when compared with the usual approach of dieting or exercise. A double chin is created when excess subcutaneous fat builds up on a person’s chin muscles and under their jawline; when it has set in and expanded, it is hard to shift – and hiding it under clothing is usually unconvincing.

But where traditional methods have failed, developments in technology have stepped in to offer a solution – and one company is achieving this by building on an existing success and adapting it for the double chin.

The company is the Canada CoolSculpting Clinic and the technology is CoolSculpting, which is built on the science of selective cryolipolysis and is essentially designed to freeze fat cells away. The method has been increasingly recognized within aesthetic medicine as an effective way of improving physical shape by removing fat – up to now it has been used for some time on the abdomen, thighs, legs and other parts of the body.

There is now a bespoke version of it for excess neck fat and double chins – the CoolMini. It replicates the CoolSculpting process and is typical of all non-invasive cosmetic/aesthetic treatment, in that it provides a treatment that does not involve painful surgery or procedures with long recovery periods.

The CoolMini device is handheld and can have an impact on the chin’s appearance after just one or two sessions. The freezing temperatures produced by the CoolMini kills the fat cells – but crucially prevents damage to the surface of the skin and nearby healthy cells and tissue. A session of CoolMini treatment lasts around an hour and involves the placing of thin gel pads to protect the skin’s surface from the cold temperature. The CoolMini applicator is then moved on to the pads, where the cooling is targeted at the chosen areas. After the procedure, there is no recovery period and patients are free to resume normal activities. 

While the thought of cells being killed sounds uncomfortable, it is actually a process that exploits a natural practice of the body to rid itself of dead cells. At low temperatures, lipids – biomolecules that are a fundamental part of living cells – crystallize and cause the cell to die; these dead cells are then digested by inflammatory cells, which are part of the body’s natural defence against harmful irritants and substances.

Because it is the lipids that freeze and crystallize rather than the actual cells, it means that nearby cells and tissue will be unaffected by the CoolMini process. This is in stark contrast to surgical methods, which always carry the risk of complications alongside bleeding and bruising.

About Canada CoolSculpting Clinic

The Canada CoolSculpting Clinic is part of Canada MedLaser, and offers services in clinics based in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. CoolSculpting has been provided as a treatment since 2010; for more on Canada CoolSculpting Clinic’s service and the CoolMini product for double chins, visit their website.

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