Little Tigers Picture Book Series For Children Instills Core Life Values Sourced from Taekwondo

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Little Tigers Picture Book Series For Children Instills Core Life Values Sourced from Taekwondo

A new book series authored by Olivia Dybik and Steve Doherty, the “Little Tiger” series, is devoted to making kids learn core values of life, such as respect, discipline and self-control. “Little Tigers” will be available from Amazon from November 1, 2019.

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The best lessons of life can be derived from unexpected of places. Taekwondo is a martial art that is synonymous with stances, kicks and punches, but in reality is based on a deep system of respect, discipline, self-control and several other values. 

A respectful child accepts someone for who they are, even if they’re different from them,” say authors Olivia Dybik and Steve Doherty.

Today’s children face several challenges, including criticism, hostility, shame and ridicule. They tend to develop low confidence and self-esteem as a consequence. The authors, who are experienced Taekwondo instructors, have observed these factors at work among their students.  

The philosophy of Taekwondo is unique – it teaches students not to start or get into a fight. The practitioners are thus taught to become Guardians of Peace. The Little Tigers series will not only help improve reading skills, but also instill 10 fundamental life principles, which include: 1) guardian of peace (never start a fight); (2) respect; (3) discipline; (4) self-control; (5) persistence.

We have written the Little Tiger Book Series to help young children understand and comprehend the fundamental principles we teach in Taekwondo and to make reading more fun and enjoyable,” say Olivia Dybik and Steve Doherty.

The book adopts that old oriental philosophy which considers outward display of respect as a sign of strength, rather than a weakness. When children learn respect, the principle can be seen in action in many ways, from saying ‘Thank you’ to ‘Yes, ma’am’ or ‘No, ma’am’.

The authors’ mission with writing the Little Tigers series is to create well crafted picture books that teach valuable life lessons. They envision changing one life at a time, and making children internalize the life principles and live happy, productive lives.

Steve Doherty is a former US Air Force officer and aviator. He holds a Doctorate in Flight Instruction from the United States Air Force and completed post-graduate studies in adult education at The Ohio State University. Steve has authored four historical fiction novels. He is also a 1st Dan Instructor in Taekwondo.

Olivia Dybik is a seventh-grade student at New Albany Middle School in New Albany, Ohio, where she is a ‘Straight A’ student. Olivia holds a Dark Blue Belt in Taekwondo. She also has a passion for art, music, and helping others. She is a summer reading volunteer at the New Albany Library.

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