BOTANIC MATTERS, LLC announces the Launch of their Crowdfunding Campaign

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BOTANIC MATTERS, LLC announces the Launch of their Crowdfunding Campaign

BOTANIC MATTERS, LLC will launch their crowdfunding campaign – NEW DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY –  at the End of January 2020 / Beginning of February 2020.

Mr. Joerg Loeser, Mr. Kenan Kebic and Mr. O. Knjasevsky have been colleagues and personal friends for many years. They have set themselves the goal of growing and marketing cannabis plants with a maximum proportion of the non-psychoactive substance called CBD (cannabidiol) and the minimal proportion of psychoactive substance called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).  CBD is used in the medical field and has an antipsychotic, a decongestant, an anti-inflammatory and an anxiolytic effect while THC (although very similar to the aforementioned compound CBD) has a psychotic effect.

The plants were specially bred by the founders to contain a negligible proportion of less than 0.3% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This threshold is permitted by law and each batch produced is checked by an accredited laboratory to ensure that the THC content is below the permitted limits.

THC is the major psychoactive compound in cannabis that gives a high sensation (sense of euphoria) after the consumption (smoking or eating) of the plant. Cannabis comes in two forms; hemp plants – have a lower percentage of THC and marijuana plants – have higher traces of THC. In simpler terms, unlike THC, CBD does not give a high sensation after consumption.

The CBD content of the cannabis in question has been proven to treat some otherwise difficult to control forms of epilepsy, seizures, pain, migraines, anxiety, mental disorders while the THC content helps in the treatment of low appetite, nausea, insomnia, glaucoma, muscle spasticity, etc.

Given the negative side effects of psychoactive compound, THC which include; memory loss, slower reaction times, “highness’, red eyes, lack of coordination, long term psychiatric disorders, etc. the reduced THC content in the specially bred strain of cannabis Botanic Matters Research & Production, LLC is growing reduces the chances of these negative side effects and makes the cannabis safer for the consumption of the general public.

To implement the business model, it is necessary to build a CBD factory. For this purpose, a current empty factory hall in Lebring/Austria has been identified. All planning work has already been carried out and is ready for implementation. All offers from the suppliers, which are necessary for the conversion work, have also been obtained.

After the implementation of the business model, the average annual turnover of approximately USD 19.36 million is expected in the first year of implementation. This turnover brings an effective profit of approximately USD 9.57 million after tax per year. With optimal production conditions, an annual turnover of about USD 28.16 million and a profit of approximately USD 14.3 million after tax can be achieved.

In order to convert the hall according to the requirements, the founders, Mr. Joerg Loeser, Mr. Kenan Kebic and Mr. O. Knjasevsky  of Botanic Matters Research & Production, LLC need interim financing of approx. USD 13.2 million and final financing of approx. USD 9.9 million as well as a working capital framework of approx. USD 1.1 million. In total, the actualization of this project requires about USD 24.2 million.

The founders have already founded several successful companies together and now they want to realize this project together in order to make the products that are proven to serve health and wellbeing completely available to the public.

The following four statements on the purpose, mission, values, and policy are the answers to the questions:

The purpose of the company:

To deliver in the long term the best quality of medical and legal cannabis to the general public.

Company mission:

To increase the health of society through a special breed of cannabis created to give proper satisfaction and minimal side effects.


Key values are fairness and satisfaction for the company, its employees and customers alike. We transparently and sustainably produce standardized high quality cannabis.


To create and lead the company to the top with transparency and competency being our watch words. We take responsibility towards our employees, our customers, our environment and society.

These four key statements form the basis for the mission statement and vision statement of Botanic Matters Research & Production, LLC.

Mission statement

To provide the best products for the overall health and wellbeing of the general public while being completely transparent in our dealings.

Vision Statement

A world with only safe products.


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