Garage Door Repair and Installation Is Available in Katy, Texas

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Garage Door Repair and Installation Is Available in Katy, Texas

Garage Door Repair and Installation Is Available in Katy, Texas

Garage doors are integral components in many of today’s homes. In fact, an estimated 75 percent of single-family dwellings have at least one garage door. Some have two or three depending on the style and size of the garage. Those doors certainly save a great deal of hassle when they’re working properly. They protect vehicles and other belongings from moisture and extreme temperatures. Automatic models keep people from having to get out of their cars in the pouring rain, driving wind, and subfreezing temperatures, among other harsh conditions. That said, they don’t always work as they should.

When Something Goes Wrong

According to a recent survey, most garage doors open and close at least three times each day. Some follow their upward and downward path five times per day or more. All that motion combined with continual exposure to the elements can certainly take their toll on the electrical mechanisms and other moving components of the doors. Though in-depth repairs are best left to the professionals like those at Overhead Door Company of Houston, you can take certain measures to keep your garage door in optimal working order.

Check the Hardware

Garage doors are equipped with several types of hardware. They range from decorative handles and hinges to mounts, brackets, and tracks, to name a few. All those parts work in tandem with one another to keep the doors operating safely and properly. Over time, though, many parts tend to loosen because of repeated motion. In some cases, their bolts and screws pull away from their mounts. Certain other issues can arise as well, such as rust developing due to the standard weather patterns here in Katy, Texas. Check the hardware periodically to ensure it’s intact and undamaged.

Clean the Rollers and Tracks

Rollers and tracks receive the brunt of garage doors’ wear and tear. Bearings and other components are bound to succumb to damage at some point. Plenty of dirt, dust, and other debris can also become embedded in the tracks. Check your rollers and tracks for dirt and grime, and clean them as needed with a stiff brush. Be sure to lubricate the tracks and rollers as well to keep them operating smoothly.

Those are only a couple of the measures you can take to catch damage and wear early before your garage door malfunctions. If you find issues other than tracks encrusted with dirt, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at help. Garage door repair can be complicated, and even dangerous, without the right experience. Torsion springs alone can exert 250 pounds of force or more if they release unexpectedly, and falling doors cause hundreds of injuries each year due to their weight.

Knowledge and Experience From the Professionals

Overhead Door Company offers far-reaching experience with all types of garage doors. Technicians with the company provide around-the-clock emergency repair services, preventative maintenance, installation, and parts, among other options. Visit to learn more about their local team or schedule an appointment. 

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