Diesel Mechanics Available in Houston for Commercial Trucks

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Diesel Mechanics Available in Houston for Commercial Trucks

Diesel Mechanics Available in Houston for Commercial Trucks

Since the 1930s the use of diesel engines has been a reliable way to power passenger vehicles. Before that, they were used for powering large farm equipment and other machines. It wasn’t until Mr. Cummins (one of the main diesel engineers of the age) engaged in a cross-country road trip that people began to realize the possibilities offered by this form of power as an alternative to gasoline in private vehicles.

Modern diesel engines run much differently than more traditional gas engines. They are reliable and usually offer better fuel economy. While there are some similarities regarding how gas and diesel engines operate, there are also quite a few differences. Within those differences are some of the common issues that may result in the need for diesel engine repair.

For those who drive diesel vehicles, including Ferguson Truck Center customers, knowing the signs that diesel engine repair is needed is essential. Keep reading to learn what these signs are.

Failed Glow Plugs

Instead of spark plugs creating an electrical explosion, a diesel engine will use glow plugs to create warm air, which is compressed with the diesel fuel to generate the needed force to make the pistons move up and down. The glow plugs use the heating elements that are very similar to the ones in toaster ovens and sometimes, they may fail. If these go bad, it may result in elongated cranking to start a vehicle and in some cases, it will be impossible to start the motor. This is a common reason that trucks at https://fergusontruckcenter.com/ may not start and why they need repairs.

Loss of Power 

When a diesel engine loses power, it is usually related to issues with fuel delivery. The main fuel filter, which is found in the fuel line between the fuel tank and fuel injectors, is designed to remove the contaminants, including any extra water, from the fuel. This material is then collected in the fuel filter bowl. It is essential that the bowl is drained regularly to avoid hard starts or power problems with the diesel vehicle.

Incorrect Lubricants

In some cases, hard starting is caused by using the wrong type of engine oil in the diesel motor. It is essential to use the right oil, regarding the weight, for each season. During the summer months, a single-weight oil is often sufficient, but during colder winters, it may be necessary to use a multi-weight oil to ensure proper engine operation.

While diesel engines are reliable, they do require special care. This is something that drivers and owners can learn more about by visiting https://fergusontruckcenter.com/contact-us/. If a truck owner is interested in learning more about proper repair and maintenance, there are several resources to use. However, in most cases, the best thing a person can do is to research local disease engine mechanics and set up an appointment. This will help ensure the right steps are taken to ensure the proper and efficient operation of any diesel engine.

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