U.S. Citizens Are Reading More About Preparedness Due To The Covid 19 Lockdown

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U.S. Citizens Are Reading More About Preparedness Due To The Covid 19 Lockdown

Montgomery, AL – May 11, 2020 – Apocalyptic Fiction book sales are way up and hopefully will stay that way, according to a long-time prolific Prepper Fiction author named Ron Foster.  This southern gentleman is best known for writing the classic original Prepper Trilogy which has been read and beloved by thousands. The three-book series can be purchased separately or in a all in one version called “The Longest Walk” about his characters struggling to survive after a solar storm takes the nations electrical grid down. Ron has written over 65 books, both fiction and nonfiction, that teach survival tips and tricks in his trademark and often times humorous storylines focusing on a wide and diverse range of catastrophes with many unique skills applied to gripping scenarios by his heroes.

People who had no interest at all in prepping before the pandemic are now diligently seeking out knowledge in survivalist internet forums and finding a new science fiction genre to enjoy that they didn’t know existed before. Books that can help them prepare for come what may in this precarious world we live in. Well known originators of this unique genre of reading about an apocalyptic event and learning survival skills has gotten a big boost of interest as of late.  Several experts in emergency preparedness like this well versed and experienced author have seen a gain in book sales as people seek out this new (for them) enjoyable and entertaining format of gaining more information on self-reliance.

With one in three reading more since the government advised us to stay at home its no wonder many who had not had the foresight to prepare for such an event want to learn more so they don’t get caught short handed for the next disastrous event that might befall humanity.

Many people have also shown a great deal of interest to gain more knowledge about gardening, canning and livestock.  Ron when networking with one of the bigger YouTube channels Deep South Homestead found out from its creators Danny and Wanda that their subscribers tended to be older and instead of the popularity of electronic and audible book formats preferred real paperbound texts.

It is interesting that during these unusual times, books have the capacity to help us persevere, not just through their message, but by their physical state as well. Mr. Foster also noticed this trend of people wanting to buy a book they could hold on to and his over 500 page, humorously named, but seriously practical and beneficial “Old Farts Survival Guide “has been out selling electronic formats more than paperbacks in record numbers. To quote the author “Survival tips written for (and by) “Old Farts” I decided to write down a bunch of timely wood lore tricks and preparedness advisement so they can be shared and remembered at least once more. Knowledge I have gained from a lifetime of prepping and preparing for disasters and how to live easier through hard times are explained within this book.”

Read one book written by Ron Foster, and you’ll want to read more. You’ll be sure to enjoy, and you’ll have a few tricks up your sleeve when you’re done! Tricks that could save your life.

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