Repiping Services are Available in Kenmore, WA

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Repiping Services are Available in Kenmore, WA

Repiping Services are Available in Kenmore, WA

Homes rely on their plumbing systems for several reasons. These systems provide clean running water for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry, among many other daily activities. At the same time, plumbing systems take used, contaminated water safely away from the home and deposit into the septic tank or send it to a treatment facility. In turn, chemicals, germs, bacteria, and other potentially dangerous elements are removed from the home so they can’t harm anyone.

The Problem with Plumbing Systems

Though a home’s plumbing stands ready to accommodate your needs whenever they arise, the system is not completely infallible. Pipes freeze and burst, and they’re notorious for developing slow leaks that steadily grow worse over time. These and other problems take place every day as the professionals at can tell you. If the problems are not fixed promptly, they can lead to extensive damage.

Thousands of homeowners experience water damage each year. In some cases, it’s caused by flooding, heavy rains, roof leaks from storm damage, and other issues beyond the homeowner’s control. According to a recent report from the insurance sector, water damage claims have more than doubled over the last five years alone. The damage has also become more extensive with most claims.

Why Is Water Damage Becoming More Common?

Though a number of factors enter into the equation, experts point to leaking pipes as the most common reason behind water damage claims these days. In many cases, the damage comes from slow leaks. Homeowners often don’t notice those leaks at first because they start off small and don’t have a noticeable impact on water pressure.

By the time homeowners find those leaks, the damage is extensive and expensive to repair. Based on information from and several other sources, aging plumbing systems are the primary cause of these issues.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Homeowner’s insurance covers certain types of water damage. Some policies pay for repairs stemming from storm damage and sewer backup. Homeowners often need to purchase extra coverage for flooding and other similar instances. Coverage also usually applies to sudden and unexpected damage caused by burst pipes. Unfortunately, though, homeowner’s policies don’t typically cover damage caused by slow leaks.

According to most insurance companies, slow leaks fall under the category of routine maintenance. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their plumbing systems and ensuring they’re working properly. Catching leaks early, fixing them, and paying for resulting damage falls on the shoulders of the policyholder. Failure to do so isn’t usually intentional since those leaks often go unnoticed, but it can result in costly repairs and property losses.

Turning to the Professionals for Help

Apollo Plumbing is your local plumbing specialist serving homes and businesses throughout Kenmore, Washington, and the surrounding areas. The company offers a wide range of services, including plumbing repairs, installation, inspections, routine maintenance, and repiping. Whether you have a plumbing problem or simply want a little extra peace of mind, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment. 

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