According to, This is What Landlords Expect On A Security Deposit Refund Form PDF

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According to, This is What Landlords Expect On A Security Deposit Refund Form PDF

According to, This is What Landlords Expect On A Security Deposit Refund Form PDF

Landlords require security deposits to secure their property from damage and cover the expense of repairs caused by tenants. The amount of the security deposit depends on landlord and tenant laws in the local area, and the cost of renting the property. If the tenant doesn’t cause damage, the landlord provides a security deposit refund. 

The Amount of the Security Deposit for the Property

According to, the amount of the security deposit for the rental property must appear on the security deposit refund form. This doesn’t include the first and last month’s rent unless they were used as the security deposit. Typically, landlords charge a security deposit separately from the rental payments. In the lease agreement, the landlord presents an exact figure for the security deposit in most cases. If the tenant doesn’t cause any property damage, the landlord provides a refund for the full security deposit amount. 

How Much the Tenant Paid for a Pet Deposit

Pet deposits are secured to cover the cost of any property damage caused by the tenant’s pets. The deposit amount depends on the size and breed of the pet. Typically, landlords charge more for dogs than they do for cats. Larger dogs could require a much higher pet deposit because of the higher probability of property damage. 

Deposits for Keys or Remotes Required for the Property

Deposits for keys and remotes required for the property are returned if the tenant gives the keys and remotes back to the rental property owner when the tenant moves out. If the landlord must replace the keys or the remote, the deposit is used to cover these expenses. Landlords who want to review the security deposit refund forms or download a copy can review this resource right now. 

A Description of Any Damage 

A description of any damage is detailed on the form to explain to the tenant why any deposits were reduced and how the tenant is responsible. The landlord must explain where the damage was found and how it was caused. The damage cannot happen because of any repairs that were the responsibility of the landlord. Typically, the landlord reduces the amount of the deposit according to how much it costs to repair the damage. If the cost exceeds the deposit amount, the tenant must pay for the damage or file a claim through their renter’s insurance. 

Details About How the Tenant Receives the Security Deposit Refund

Typically, the form requires a date and the exact amount of the refund provided to the tenant and how the landlord refunded the money. If the landlord provided cash or a check, the details must appear on the form. The form acts as a receipt for the tenant and provides evidence for the landlord showing that they refunded the money. If the tenant has Fears Of What Is Ahead for future payments at a new rental, they should check out resources that would help with the payments to alleviate those fears.

Landlords request security deposits for all tenants as well as a tenant screening from AAOA for those moving into their property. The deposit covers the cost of repairs if damage occurs while the tenant lives in the property. Using security deposit refund forms helps landlords record deductions for the deposits and present details about why the tenant won’t receive the full deposit amount. 

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