Otilia Greco chronicles the adventures of a globetrotter as she overcomes her fear in “Angelica’s Discoveries”

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Otilia Greco chronicles the adventures of a globetrotter as she overcomes her fear in “Angelica’s Discoveries”

Talented author and lover of arts, Otilia Greco, offers an amazing blend of romance, thriller, and adventure in her book titled “Angelica’s Discoveries,” where she narrates true-life experience with unexpected adventures and the will to overcome fears lead to positive results

Set between 1950 and 1980, “Angelica’s Discoveries” Romance and Journey to the New World has been described by many as another masterpiece from Otilia Greco as the author gives her fans and lovers of good literature another fantastic read that will keep them glued till the last word. Based on real-life experiences, the narrates the story of young Angelica as she looks to live her dream of exploring the world, which can only be achieved after overcoming a paralyzing fear.

Angelica leads an idyllic childhood in the Swiss Alps near St. Moritz, who is fascinated by Greek mythology and dreams to travel to Greece one day and see dolphins in the sea. However, she is hunted by a paralyzing trauma of deep water.

The book is about a strong, independent woman as she overcomes a paralyzing fear, while she explores countries with different attitudes and learns about other cultures. The beautiful Angelica likes to explore with a positive attitude. However, she was not ready for what an adventurous destiny had in stock for her as she went on her quest to explore the world.

To live her globetrotting dream, Angelica has to overcome her greatest fear of deep water, a challenge she took by grabbing the chance to take on a job in Greece, a country she had never been before, requiring her to conquer shyness, fears, and obstacles. Her quest took led her to cross the ocean to arrive in the United States where her destiny lays to discover an old family secret.

The book also helps readers to explore the world with a captivating illustration of places such as the town of Zurich, the port of Brindisi in Italy, Piraeus, Athens, and the island of Crete. More than just a romantic read, Angelica Discoveries is highly informative, intimating readers on different cultures of the world with illustrations that practically puts them in the picture of the happenings.

Otilia Greco describes scenes not in dry facts, yet colorful like paintings and brings persons alive. She describes people by their interaction observing their attitudes – she sees “through” their soul, rather at their face only. These qualities seem rare and allow the reader to gain a positive perspective towards challenges and life. “Angelica’s Discoveries” is fascinating and reads like a thriller. Still I see the events in my mind like I had seen a movie,” said Christina K. from Athens, a teacher and former theater-director.

“Angelica’s Discoveries” Romance and Journey to the New World is currently available on several online platforms, including Good Reads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, where it has continued to garner reviews from readers worldwide.

About Otilia Greco

Otilia Greco was born in the Swiss Alps near St. Moritz, educated in Switzerland, England, and Paris. She speaks six languages and graduated from Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), where she developed a keen appreciation for art, history, and different cultures. She draws much of her inspiration from traveling in many countries, especially Greece and Egypt, where she guided historical tours.

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