COVID-19 pandemic sees consumers turning to local clothing producers

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COVID-19 pandemic sees consumers turning to local clothing producers

May 13, 2020 – Atlanta, GA – The patterns are made in America, the fabric is knit and woven in small American workshops and the clothes are handmade, right here in Atlanta. While large international companies are facing challenges with their suppliers and supply chain deliveries, small, local producers who rely on American-made products are maintaining and growing their businesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many Americans much more aware of the supply chain and about where everyday essentials are coming from. It’s something Atlanta’s Wandering Child Co. has always been aware of and has been trumpeting for years.

“Seeking out American-made fabrics and patterns has meant that not only is our supply chain stable, but we are also ensuring the stability of small American businesses. The profits from the businesses we support are being re-invested into local economies. In addition, with the talented pattern designers and unique fabrics we are able to source, our children’s clothing line is like none other. Something Atlantan’s really appreciate,” explains Katyna Knapton, founder of Wandering Child Co.

Knapton explains that there is a difference in clothing that is created locally as opposed to those mass-produced overseas. Sometimes those differences are obvious, like the fact that the clothing is more unique. Other times, the differences are more subtle. Parents who love a particular knit fabric can have any article of clothing, be it a romper, pants or dress, made from that fabric; a level of customization unavailable at big box stores. The woven fabrics Knapton selects are made into wonderfully detailed pieces that have a vintage flavor while maintaining a modern look. The handmade clothing is extra durable and the piece is worked on until it’s perfect. There are no corners cut in order to maximize production or profits in Knapton’s workshop.

Wandering Child’s clients are ethno-culturally diverse and the patterns, colors and styles chosen for the clothes reflect the diversity of the brand’s clients. If a fabric depicts a character, Knapton ensures that all of her clothing’s wearers will be able to identify with their clothing. It’s a uniquely American approach to fashion and one that allows children to identify with the clothes they wear.

“There is a great deal of discussion in American these days about the supply chain and how to maintain it, because so much of what we rely on is coming from other countries. Many of my clients and fellow Atlantans are looking for local solutions for their daily needs. We are proud and humbled that we are able to help fellow business owners, while producing children’s clothing that is made in America.”

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