Garrick Farria: The Best Litigation Attorney in Fort Worth

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Garrick Farria: The Best Litigation Attorney in Fort Worth

“Garrick is committed to helping his clients reach their highest potential. You’ll step into a great partnership with Farria Law Group if you’re looking for amazing lawyers in Fort Worth!”

Garrick Farria is a litigation attorney in Fort Worth, who specializes in all areas of corporate law and from all levels of complexity, business litigation, contract disputes, shareholder derivative claims, and business torts.

He is committed to ensuring his clients are informed and receive exceptional service. He creates solutions for his guests while upholding the highest levels of integrity, transparency, service, and faith. He is a well-rounded, and trustworthy attorney who is committed to providing his customers with top-notch legal representation. He offers a wide range of corporate law services and has created a one-stop-shop for all of his business needs.

Here is the story behind their commitment…

Garrick Farria and 18 of his family members were lodged on an interstate bridge in the 7th Ward of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. He assured himself that once he went off that bridge, he would embark on pursuing his dreams with passion and careful activity. Law school was a promise he turned into a commitment, and then achievement. 

One of Garrick’s first challenges as an attorney made a permanent impact…

He assisted a young gentlewoman who was influenced to bend from a spirit of violence, imprisonment, and deprived of her family to become an upstanding citizen and business owner. He helped her carry a business idea from dream to reality. She yields the success forward every day by mentoring at-risk young adult females, helping them work around their lives, and become big success stories in their residential areas.

He went to Temple University, studying African Civilizations under Dr. Theophile Obenga, one of the world’s foremost scholars on ancient Egyptian thought and philosophical system. The Ohio State University, Main Campus, was the next stopover… Defending his Master’s thesis. Texas Wesleyan University School of Law (now the Texas A&M University School of Law) is where he served as the Evening Program coordinator for the Wesleyan Innocence Project.

No matter what legal situation a Fort Worth resident finds themselves in, they need legal guidance from a top-of-the-line attorney. Garrick Farria is available to assist those involved in legal matters such as mass torts, civil rights, and contract disputes. His experienced and dedicated efforts can handle any complex case that a Fort Worth resident is confronted with, as he is given to putting his client’s best interest first and fighting for justice.

Garrick Farria focuses on, hiring and assisting employees, employment-related immigration matters, business litigation, contract disputes, breach of fiduciary/professional responsibility, shareholder derivative claims, and business torts, and commercial litigation. He also handles white-collar cases involving executives and companies who are the subject of government investigations or who have been accused of misconduct.

About Garrick Farria

In addition to his service in the public sector, Garrick Farria is also working at private law firms in Fort Worth, and representing clients in business, commercial, and health care litigation. For more information, visit

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