Rick Fusion Makes A Big Impact With New Single “A Little Bit Of Love”

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Rick Fusion Makes A Big Impact With New Single “A Little Bit Of Love”

The new single which was written and produced by Rick Fusion has become a big hit with his fans. A Little Bit Of Love is an upbeat song with a mix of reggae, hip hop, and pop. The catchy song with a burst of energy sends an inspirational message of love and has gained huge exposure around the world.

Rick Fusion, one of the most talked-about artists of 2020 has released a new single “A Little Bit Of Love”.  The single which was written by the Jamaican born singer has become a big hit with his fans here in the USA and around the world.

A Little Bit Of Love, which was written in Texas and recorded and produced by Edoardo Piccolo in Vicenza, Italy is an upbeat song with a blend of reggae and pop. Although the new track was written before the COVID-19 crisis, it is the perfect song to motivate people and make them feel happy during the lockdown.


When asked more about A Little Bit Of Love, Rick replied: ”It was written to inspire people that all it takes is a little bit of love to make the sunshine in your life.”

Rick went on to explain that the upbeat and joyful song sends a message to people to ask a loved one if they are feeling the love you have for them. This is an important message at any time in a person’s life, but even more so with the COVID-19 crisis. That love could be from a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, or even a daughter or mother.

“A little bit of love will illuminate the light in your life. Sometimes people don’t understand how much another person loves them or don’t appreciate it but if they can see it and return the same portion of love then the sun will shine,” Rick went on to say.

Rick Fusion has a unique and wonderful sound. As soon a Rick sings his first note, his fans know straight away who is behind the lyrics. His unforgettable style is a blend of reggae, hip hop, and pop. His style of music has been influenced by his upbringing in Jamaica, to him moving to Miami, America when he was 14.

Since Rick broke the track, his fan base has exploded around the world. He has always had a strong following in his native country and the USA, but that following has now exploded to all corners of the world thanks to A Little Bit Of Love.

To listen to the new track and see why Rick has been called the one to watch, please visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDHzfsGEd9cJ_60WK9aZMAw

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/67LZnU1TbHtMmuK1LyeNfq?si=Y4CjBe9XT_em4jbHAvaiOQ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fusion_rick

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDHzfsGEd9cJ_60WK9aZMAw

About A Little Bit Of Love

The song was recorded and produced by Edoardo Piccolo in Vicenza, Italy. Rick worked with SHARE Music academy to come up with the arrangement. Mixing and Mastering was done in London, England by mixing engineer Davide Venco.

About Rick Fusion

Rick Fusion born Ricardo A. Bailey. He is a writer, businessman, motivational speaker, and US Army Service Member. He released 8 songs and wrote all eight. He is the second oldest of five siblings.

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