An Egyptian-American artist prepares to release a new album in Egypt

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An Egyptian-American artist prepares to release a new album in Egypt

Egyptian-American artist Mohamed Ghaneemah, known as “Moe Gee”, an RnB singer and hip hop, is preparing to release his new album in Egypt, his first country, noting that singing in Egypt is more important than any other country because it has a status at all levels, especially the artistic level.

The artist Mohamed Ghaneemah, famously known as Moe Gee, stressed the importance of the artist’s role in providing targeted messages to society through his works that he presents from time to time, whether lyrics or acting, saying: What the Arab world is experiencing now, the Arab nation has not lived for centuries, and the reasons for this are Culture and art.

Artist Mohamed Ghaneemah, famous for Moe Gee, added that quiet words help calm the human soul after experiencing disturbances in its day and night, and that purposeful art has a magical ability to penetrate into the soul and soul of man. The wave, as well as the singing of birds and the beautiful sounds of nature.

“Moe Gee” pointed out that music brings together the community, hence the importance of the singers because they represent awareness and collective memory of the community, as it improves mood, strengthens the immune system and accelerates the cognitive and verbal level.

Mohamed Ghaneemah also know as Moe Gee, was born in New York to Egyptian parents. Spent his childhood between USA and Egypt. During his time in school he was always attracted to theatre and performing, but always had a fear of performing in front of people.

In 4th grade his school hosted a talent show and his father told him he should try out. Moe Gee performed stand up comedy and the audience loved it. Transitioning into college he was still confused on what he really wanted to do with his future, he always had a love for music, he started experimenting with mixing music and how to DJ.

Moe Gee threw his first party on a weekday and the place was at full capacity. After that party Moe Gee started getting booked for more parties and in a few months he built a name that was very known all over New York.

From there Moe Gee gained a lot of popularity and he always had a personality that attracted people to watch him and follow him, about a year later he got a gig working for a local radio station as a host and Dj and his popularity grew even more.

Moe Gee attended a few acting workshops in Cairo and also a vocal workshop. Got a few gigs doing commercial work in Cairo and his latest work was him doing a voice over for the first animated Egyptian movie, that is listed on his IMDB page, next projects are pending as well as a full album is being produced currently as we speak.

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