SelfServiceOO Introduces a Unique Digital Ordering Solution to Help Hospitality Brands Scale, as Consumers Demand More Convenience

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SelfServiceOO Introduces a Unique Digital Ordering Solution to Help Hospitality Brands Scale, as Consumers Demand More Convenience

SelfServiceOO provides reward-based unique digital ordering solutions to help hospitality brands scale and optimize, as consumer demands shift towards digital convenience.

The trend of digital interaction is on the rise, especially in the on-demand sector of the hospitality industry. Talking about restaurant brands and service kitchens, effective order management is extremely crucial to sustain and scale. In a scenario where the internet is the primary channel of customer interaction, an optimized digital ordering process is the key to growing a restaurant/service kitchen business. SelfServiceOO is one such solution which is helping businesses in this space keep up with the ever-changing dynamics.

What is SelfServiceOO?

SelfServiceOO is one of the leading digital ordering solutions for the hospitality industry. It aims to optimize digital ordering for restaurants and service kitchens. One of the primary reasons why brands get caught up in the back-office operations is the complexity involved in setting up a real-time digital ordering process. SelfServiceOO’s unique differentiator is the fact that it helps restaurants and service kitchens set up the entire mechanism in a matter of weeks – everything including strategic planning, programming, quality testing, application integrations, marketing planning, and execution, etc.

To put it simply, SelfServiceOO functions as a partner which aims to modernize, simplify, and monetize hospitality brands through its unique digital ordering solutions, while also maintaining a high-quality value-based approach. This ensures that the business grows as customers enjoy a high-quality experience. 

Why are Digital Ordering Solutions crucial to the scalability of your business?

According to QSR Magazine, digital ordering is a $38 billion industry, and more than 60% of US consumers place digital orders at least once a week. Interestingly, this concept has reflected a sizeable increase in consumer spending, as compared to physical in-store ordering. So, the bottom line is, consumers are looking for the convenience of placing orders right from their mobile devices. And, you’ll be in business till the time you cater to that demand. 

Offering the convenience of digital ordering is a great way to attract new customers, while also retaining the existing ones. In a nutshell, consumer demands are ever-changing, and digital ordering is the latest one. SelfServiceOO’s digital ordering solutions are a hassle-free way to adopt that, while also maintaining the quality of your products and services. 

What makes SelfServiceOO unique? 

SelfServiceOO operates on a unique and collaborative business model. It has a reward-based mechanism through which it pays a certain royalty to each partner brand for every digital ordering transaction made via SelfServiceOO. This ensures that business growth and scalability are proportional to everyone involved in the ecosystem. 

Additional Service Offerings

Apart from the digital ordering solutions, SelfServiceOO also provides a complete suite of digital marketing and technology services. 

We’re also a trusted technology partner, industry thought leaders, technical advisors and passionate technologists in digital business innovation, strategies and technical solutions.


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