Lan utan UC Launches loan with no credit check: How to find alternative funding

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Lan utan UC Launches loan with no credit check: How to find alternative funding

The company is helping people in Sweden to overcome the problems of finding financial help.

Gaining a personal loan is not easy in the current financial climate. Individuals seeking loans to make vital purchases or pay off debts have alternative routes to the traditional means of receiving funding. While the traditional way of obtaining a loan is through a bank, there are other ways to get funds from lenders. Some options even allow you to get a loan with no credit check.

A loan with no credit check often has a lower requirement on income and credit score. Individuals seeking loans with no credit check can borrow smaller amounts and are not dependent on high credit scores.

In Sweden, borrowers simply need personal numbers and bank accounts to receive loans. Online loan applications make it fast and easy to receive money, often in the same day. When you enter your social security number on a loan application, the information is automatically collected in a credit report. This is what is needed to process your application. Whether a personal loan or a loan with no credit check, this is all you need to receive money in your bank account.

So, which companies offer the best alternative ways to gain a loan with no credit check?


Founded in 1969, Klicklan is a popular lender located in Sweden. The company offers responsible lending to individuals seeking funding for businesses. Klicklan’s products come without the frills of other lenders, yet individuals are able to get what they need to meet their weekly needs. Applying for a loan from Klicklan is simple and can be completed online. Klicklan provides an answer within an hour on whether or not you are approved. The funds are then transferred into your back account the very same day if approved.


Profilkredit provides private individual with loans and they can be confirmed with a Bank ID and no credit check. The company gives individuals who need just a bit more money each month a loan to get those everyday things they need. A loan with no credit check can be confirmed to individuals between the ages of 18 and 75.

Wastgota Finans

Individuals seeking a private loan without putting up collateral can get the financial means needed from Wastgota Finans. The Swedish lender offers annuity loans without collateral at variable interest rates. Wastgota Finans allows borrows to pay an equal amount of their loan back each month preventing them from overstretching themselves. Borrowers can apply for loans of SEK 30,000 to SEK 300,000. The lender will give borrowers any amount in between and repayments can be made over the course of two to 10 years. As long as you have a BankID, you can apply on the Wastgota Finans website for a loan today.


If you want a loan with no credit check and no interest repayments, then Loanstep is the perfect lender for you. Applicants can receive their funds in full on the same day as the application is made. Loanstep even provides a 100% discount on all costs if an entire loan repayment is made in 14 days.

For more information on the process of finding a loan, please visit https://lå

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