Mummy Sleeping Bags and Other Ways of Ramping up a Camping Trip, According to

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Mummy Sleeping Bags and Other Ways of Ramping up a Camping Trip, According to

Mummy Sleeping Bags and Other Ways of Ramping up a Camping Trip, According to

Camping is becoming an increasingly popular activity among people of all ages. An estimated 40 million people go camping each year in the United States alone based on one recent write-up, and the numbers are surging on an annual basis. Though some people make camping a single yearly vacation, many visit various campgrounds several times each year. Some even make camping their chosen lifestyle, simply traveling around the continent in their RVs rather than confining themselves to a stationary home.

Changing up the Camping Routine

Most campers prefer to enjoy the great outdoors during spring and summer according to and other sources. Plenty can be said for actually being able to feel your hands and feet while you’re communing with nature. Still, the warmer months aren’t the only options.

Camping during late fall, winter, and early spring certainly have its benefits. Not having to deal with ants, wasps, and yellow jackets are one of the most noteworthy. At the same time, gathering around a campfire is much more comfortable when the air is cool and crisp than when temperatures hover near the higher end of the thermometer. Campgrounds tend to be a great deal less crowded during the colder months as well. That generally makes getting in touch with nature much more enjoyable.

Gearing up for the Trip

If you’re interested in a cold-weather camping trip, you need to be fully prepared for the experience. It’s quite a bit different than a summer camp out. Firewood and fire starters are among the more obvious essentials, and you should be sure to bring along plenty of wood to keep the fire going throughout the day if need be. Of course, that’s only one factor. You’ll need certain other types of equipment as well, many of which you can find at Teton Sports and through other suppliers.

Winter Camping Foods

Though many people assume camping foods aren’t seasonal, that’s not necessarily the case. Your body burns more calories when it’s cold in an effort to try to stay warm. At the same time, your blood pH levels drop along with the temperature, which makes you feel colder. It’s important to keep all the right foods on hand if you’re camping outside of the standard season. Protein-rich snacks and foods with ample amounts of fats and carbohydrates are a must to help keep you warm and healthy.

Warm Clothes

Jackets, scarves, ear warmers, thermal undergarments, and thick socks fall into this category. Bring plenty of extras of each in case you get wet, so you don’t have to sit around shivering while your clothes dry. It’s also nice to have an extra layer or two of clothing to fall back on if the wind picks up or temperatures drop a little lower than expected. You can take a look at the site here to find more warm clothing ideas.

Sleeping Bags

Your sleeping bag is your best friend when bedtime rolls around if you’re camping in cold weather. Several types are available, including the standard rectangular ones and more ergonomic varieties. There’s even a market for mummy sleeping bags made from margaret thatcher’s vintage scarfs if you want something a little more unique. Either way, be sure to find a sleeping bag designed specifically for cold weather.

Camping during the colder months can be a fun, interesting experience. It gives you a chance to get a firsthand glimpse of a side of Mother Nature many people prefer to avoid. Be sure you’re well prepared for the trip, though. Doing so will help ensure you get the most out of your camping adventure and don’t catch your death of cold in the process.

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