Monster & Bear a Video Production Company have launched a system to complete film and video production during Covid-19 lockdown

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Monster & Bear a Video Production Company have launched a system to complete film and video production during Covid-19 lockdown

Monster & Bear a Video Production Company have launched a system to complete film and video production during Covid-19 lockdown

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Melbourne-based video production company Monster & Bear have adapted to the changes to the film and advertising industry brought on by COVID-19. Here, they share their findings on the best production methods to continue making content during isolation.

Sometimes, simple is best

Monster & Bear have noticed a trend towards simple, authentic messages delivered directly to camera. During this crisis, connecting with an audience face to face has never been more powerful. The beauty of this approach to video production is that it can be filmed quickly and at minimal cost. Monster & Bear can adapt messages to be clear and concise, perfect for short social media edits to go out on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube pre-roll. By contactless means they can still work to ensure the ideal message, and then handle everything else! Monster & Bear’s contactless film production method still includes the use of high end digital cinema cameras, beautiful lighting & production design, and broadcast quality sound recording. Because they are an end-to end film and video production company, they handle post-production as well – meaning the contactless process is seamlessly integrated and nothing is lost in translation.

Film production is still possible, just keep the crew as small as you can.

Across the globe, different governments have imposed different restrictions on social gatherings that affect video production work. Monster & Bear fully support this, yet have adapted their filming setup to make sure they are always working within all laws and guidelines. To achieve this, they have a highly multiskilled in-house production team, capable of producing cinematic, broadcast-quality video content with just 2-3 film crew members on set, depending on the project. They can film interviews to camera, slow motion cutaway material, and gimbal-stabilised tracking shots, all with in-house crew and equipment. In addition to technical skill, their film directors and producers provide a wealth of experience from thousands of hours on set, and are there to provide guidance through this unique production workflow, identifying and solving problems before they ever occur. Film production can (and should) be a painless process! Monster & Bear are keeping the crew on set as lean as possible, without having to make any compromises to the quality of video and film projects.

To give you an idea, check out their video for Zaparas Lawyers, which was achieved with a 3-person crew: Small Crew Video Production

Consider reworking your concept into a motion graphics piece or animation.

Sometimes, a video concept may not be achievable under new government lockdown restrictions. It may be required to show a large gathering of people, or to film an industry that is currently closed down during isolation. In these cases, their best recommendation is to consider making an animation. The demand for motion graphics and animation work has skyrocketed, and it’s easy to see why. Animation production can allow the bypassing of all of the limitations of physical filming – “to depict any location, character or concept we want to explain to our audience. And playing with the style of animation is a great way to give your messaging a unique identity that perfectly aligns with your brand”, says Director Sarah Hickey. At Monster & Bear, they place great emphasis on conceptualisation and pre-visualisation. They are putting even more work to find the right style and the right message, so everyone is on the same page before animation work begins. Once you’re happy with the concept and style, their in-house animation team start to work their magic. By using as a platform to review and leave feedback, they will make sure that you see exactly how they’re tracking, and that you have input at every stage. No contact required!

Think outside the box!

Lastly, despite lockdown restrictions, the sky’s the limit in terms of how Monster & Bear come up with video production concepts. Recently, they have had some projects that have really pushed the boundaries, and blurred the lines between video and other interactive formats. They have been asked to create gamified staff training platforms, integrating segments of video content with multiple choice quizzes, and a multilevel game world where staff can choose their own avatar and earn rewards. They are also looking at pushing further into 360 VR video content. Given that audiences are confined to their homes right now, taking them to virtual places in VR seems like a natural step, and is a great tool for businesses looking to engage their customers. At Monster & Bear, they pride themselves on being at the forefront of new video production technologies. “We love a challenge, so don’t be afraid to think big.”

To see some examples of what’s possible for video production in a COVID-19 landscape head to and for more information on the Monster & Bear, visit their website – Monster & Bear Video Production Melbourne

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