Northern California’s Big Mister new hit single “It’s All Fake” available on all stores May 29, 2020

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Northern California’s Big Mister new hit single “It’s All Fake” available on all stores May 29, 2020

Big Mister new song “It’s All Fake” is dropping 05/29/2020. After several months of being on break, he finally came out with a strong song about the streets and the fact that his focus on family doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have a love for his old friends.

With over 27,000 followers on his Instagram, and more than 100,000 fans worldwide he has been growing a large following of dedicated fans that listen to his music about real life. You can follow him on Instagram @bigmisterofficial

Big Mister is a Bay Area Chicano-American Rap artist and has been releasing music to the public since 2005. His catalog and fan base continues to grow. More than just being an artist making music, Big Mister has been a huge help to his community.

His contributions come through hosting fund-raisers that benefit many folks who were struggling financially due to family situations or health issues. In addition, as an artist, rapper, and philanthropist, he has been a voice for those who get stuck in the system and through his lyrics inspires people to find another way to stay out of the system and be a benefit to society.

In order to appeal to his audience, he has to constantly remind them where he came from and what inspired his music. Recognizing that having a voice for the fans who relate to him, he has owned up to his responsibility. His steady flow of music releases has now drawn a large following. His fans are very vocal, as witnessed on his Instagram, Big Mister engages with them and voices his opinion in a very thought-provoking way.

Many people turn to music for different reasons, but one of the most powerful reasons to turn to music is to listen to real-life stories. We can see this through Big Mister’s music videos on YouTube. Big Mister has definitely delivered on this front and continues to do so. We can’t wait to see and hear what his next music and videos will bring!

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