Real Estate Tenerife Looks Promising Post COVID-19 Crisis

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Real Estate Tenerife Looks Promising Post COVID-19 Crisis

Real Estate Tenerife Looks Promising Post COVID-19 Crisis
A culmination of many studies suggests that Real Estate Tenerife shows promise post COVID-19 Crisis. Many experts allude to a growing interest in the market by many investors.

While Real Estate Tenerife isn’t immune to the COVID-19 crisis, many experts suggest that the market will see a resurgence post recovery from the crisis. The optimistic outlook comes hot on the heels of new data that shows investors are waiting for the crisis to be over so that they can resume buying property in a region which has always been considered among the hottest in Europe. 

The Spanish property market started its steady rise in mid-2016, except for a slight decline in momentum during September and August of 2019, things appeared to be moving in the right direction. The market is expected to see only minor swings even in late 2020, with the overall value improvement by 2% despite the crisis. 

Experts like those at Tenerife Sun Properties believe that property is one of the wisest investments to make in Spain. It is a common sentiment that’s based on the fact that Spain enjoys low mortgage interest rates, based on the Euribor, which is currently at -0.263%. 

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“While the COVID-19 virus is having a devastating effect on the economy, the property market, in our opinion, will remain vastly unaffected. It especially applies to properties like villas and fincas(country houses). Spain’s Canaries Islands, for instance, continue to be some of the hottest property markets despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Many investors are willing to invest in property as we speak once things get back to normal. If anything, we believe that the market will pick up from where it left off at the start of the pandemic,” said a spokesperson for Tenerife Sun Properties. 

She also said, “The Canaries Islands are a unique place, and many people want to live here. We see people from across the world, showing interest in buying properties in the Canaries Islands. However, it is a trend that’s more or less been seen across Spain and the Canaries for quite some time.”

Tenerife Sun Properties is one of the biggest property agencies on the Canaries Islands with over 20 years of experience and knowledge of Spain’s property market. 

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