Empowering marginalized communities, Brown Girl’s Vision, LLC works for the betterment of a community in need of a voice

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Empowering marginalized communities, Brown Girl’s Vision, LLC works for the betterment of a community in need of a voice

Providing a platform and forming an inclusive environment, Brown Girl’s Vision, LLC vision is to support those with melanin. Such people are often marginalized and left behind, but Brown Girl’s Vision, LLC aims to support them in various aspects of their lives such as within the schools, mass media, employment and socioeconomics. By providing community outreach initiatives and psychological support, Brown Girl’s Vision, LLC aims to nurture such people to become change agents.

New Jersey, USA – Marginalized committees are too often left behind due to their culture and the color of their skin. If not provided advancement opportunities, their more susceptible to engage in negative behaviors such as criminality. Underrepresented communities need support in identifying approaches to improve their socioeconomic situations through cultural education, equality, and capacity building opportunities. Brown Girl’s Vision, LLC focuses on diversity and inclusion for people of color in mass media, the education system, and the quest for equality. By providing positive psychology, Brown Girl’s Vision, LLC fosters hope in marginalized communities through proven research that can drive change. It is the belief that individuals can reach their full potential once stakeholders are educated on the impact of oppression which stems from Eurocentric ideologies and the dissemination of macro-cultural views.

The education sector, a cultural actor, tends to glorify one culture or group over others which can be rectified through the implementation of indigenous education. People with melanin are often neglected and not recognized despite their valuable contributions within society. Their legacies are often diminished and forgotten, thus not giving them the spotlight they deserve. Brown Girl’s Vision, LLC promotes education reform in the urban setting so that the youth can have equal opportunities to advance just as their counterparts can and have! Words and actions are powerful.

Conditioning of the youth is quite crucial and any negative interaction can be detrimental. Brown Girl’s Vision, LLC intends to work on several approaches in regards to education, programming, and age-appropriate activities for those with melanin. Brown Girl’s Vision and other community organizations have forged alliance to support the community by having youth performs, promoting literacy through free books, providing free food within the community, scholarships, and most importantly a VOICE !

Brown Girl’s Vision, LLC is an extension of Dr. Jack Washington, a visionary, veteran, high school teacher and an author of half a dozen published books, vision for educational reform. Drs. Jack Washington and Dawne Washington envisioned their community’s ability to thrive but knew that it would take like-minded individuals to support the overall goal while setting a new foundation. They realized the potential and the untapped talent that remains dormant in the urban areas. Since her father’s passing, Dr. Dawne Washington has accepted the challenge to be the engineer that ignites change for those who have been disenfranchised. Dr. Dawne Washington has experience working with families involved in child protective services, assessing programs on a global level, and has in-country field experience in South Africa, Peru, and Jamaica. Dr. Washington completed her dissertation focusing on positive youth development in underprivileged communities. Her data collection occurred in Kingston, Jamaica where she assessed the feasibility of implemented programs for youth with limited advancement opportunities that reside in low-income households that exhibit oppositional behaviors.

Dr. Dawne Washington now aims to educate the community, follow the footsteps of her father, but with a daughter’s touch. By building partnerships with other organizations, she provides viable opportunities for forgotten communities of color. The final aim of Brown Girl’s Vision, LLC is to create a global stance against separatism and inequality.

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Company Name: Brown Girl’s Vision, LLC
Contact Person: Dawne Washington, PhD
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Phone: (609) 269-4838
City: Middlesex
State: New Jersey
Country: United States
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