China’s speed of epidemic prevention from the quick response of private enterprises

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China’s speed of epidemic prevention from the quick response of private enterprises

On Christmas Eve in 2021, Xi’an, the ancient capital of China’s thirteen dynasties, announced “lockdown” to control the epidemic.

In the face of sudden epidemic situation, China’s national epidemic prevention policy plays an important role. Especially when the global epidemic prevention materials are still in short supply, the spontaneous behavior of Chinese private enterprises once again shows the speed of national epidemic prevention in China.

From Qingdao to Xi’an, the linear distance is thousands of kilometers, which is equivalent to 2.5 times the distance from New York to Washington. However, under the condition that the plane was shut down, HYNAUT Group, a private enterprise in Qingdao, went four times, and it took only 43 hours from determining targeted assistance to reaching the epidemic prevention front line. Last year, it took 45 hours for the US Air Force 388 Combat Wing to produce four masks.

According to reports, the materials donated by HYNAUT this time are all targeted customized epidemic prevention materials. It took only nine hours to contact the recipient unit, determine the material requirements, and then start with the first batch of five trucks. During this period, HYNAUT Group announced a complete suspension of sales, and nearly 3,000 employees and social caring people went all out to complete this support. HYNAUT truck drivers who slap themselves in the face in order to get to their destination as soon as possible have caused heated discussion on the Internet.

In 43 hours, tens of millions of epidemic prevention materials were customized, with a round-trip drive of tens of thousands of kilometers. All sales were completely suspended, regardless of the cost of donations, and the transportation efficiency was improved by slapping the face. Although these are only small actions of HYNAUT Group, they are a portrayal of China’s national epidemic prevention. Driven by China’s speed, the global epidemic prevention work will be promoted efficiently.

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