Financial expert and entrepreneur Bryandie Cox-Walker shares proven secrets to building business credit in new book

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Financial expert and entrepreneur Bryandie Cox-Walker shares proven secrets to building business credit in new book

“Score Up! The Ultimate Guide to Building Business Credit” by Bryandie Cox-Walker offers an expert guide on the proven strategies to build business credit from scratch without personal guarantee.

Chicago, IL – May 27, 2022 – A sound foundation of business credit lies at the core of a thriving business. But unfortunately, several entrepreneurs overlook the significance of building business credit separately from personal credit, resulting in losses or even permanent closure of their company. In that light, leading financial expert and serial entrepreneur, Bryandie Cox-Walker, has recently launched a book that offers an easy-to-follow pro guide on effectively building business credit. Titled “Score Up! The Ultimate Guide to Building Business Credit”, the book unveils the proven secrets and strategies that Bryandie has used to scale up her own business as well as many other SMBs. 

“Score Up! The Ultimate Guide to Building Business Credit” was officially launched on February 23, 2022. The book has already received rave reviews from its early batch of readers.

“I followed the steps and was able to increase marketing and buy new equipment for my business.” – Maurice B.

“I’m really impressed! Bryandie helped me obtain the credit and funds to move my business out of my home and expand. About 4 years ago she worked with me and taught me how to build business credit for my company. Now I lease a warehouse in my company name, and I have multiple company cars for my employees to drive.” – Alicia J.

Bryandie Cox-Walker is the founder of Platinum Credit Resources and also a highly renowned financial expert. With an illustrious career as a financial expert spanning over 15+ years,  she has helped several small business owners obtain millions of dollars in business credit, business equipment, and business financing- that too without using a personal guarantee. 

Speaking about her new book, Bryandie said that the idea of the book was nudged by the plight of several small business owners who were forced to permanently close the doors of their businesses due to Covid-19. As a fellow entrepreneur and Business owner, it was saddening to witness the mishap and she wanted to do something to help the surviving and aspiring entrepreneurs to avoid the same dire consequences. Thus, “Score Up! The Ultimate Guide to Building Business Credit” was born. The book aims to provide the “Ultimate Guide” to  building business credit that can be started the same day a business LLC or Incorporation is being approved. 

“The pandemic was a huge blow to several small businesses, leading many of them to close the door forever. If only  they had known about the importance of building business credit without a personal guarantee, it’s a possibility that some of them would have been able to keep the doors of their business open. As a fellow entrepreneur and financial expert, I find it extremely crucial to invest in building businesses credit to ensure a thriving business. My new book, ‘Score Up! The Ultimate Guide to Building Business Credit’, offers a step-by-step easy guide on how to properly structure your business to build business credit. A strong foundation of business credit will not only help your business to scale up but would also save your company during the rainy days”, stated Bryandie. Per the statements of the author, business credit should be kept separate from personal credit and would be reserved exclusively for the business.

Score Up! The Ultimate Guide to Building Business Credit” offers pro insights on successfully building business credit through – 

  • Comprehensive tool set to build a strong business credit profile
  • List of 75+ verified business credit vendor from all 3 credit tiers
  • Actionable plan to build business credit from ground zero without personal guarantee
  • Steps to repair and restore damaged credit
  • Tips to effectively communicate with creditors while dealing with negative credit
  • Pro guide on purchasing vehicle and/or commercial property in entrepreneur’s business name
  • Key tips on how to structure a business effectively
  • Industry insights on business building strategies
  • And more 

About the author

Born and raised in Chicago, Bryandie Cox-Walker is a leading serial entrepreneur and reputed financial expert. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business, a Master’s Degree in Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Management, and comes with 15+ years of experience in various segments of the financial services industry. Over the years, Bryandie has helped several businesses to build up strong business credit and establish a successful and sustainable business.

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