Boost Commerce’s Product Filter & Search App Unlocks The True Potential of Shopify Stores

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Boost Commerce’s Product Filter & Search App Unlocks The True Potential of Shopify Stores

Optimized for maximum conversion, Boost Commerce’s Product Filter & Search app helps Shopify merchants maximize the value of their traffic using innovative and smart features.

Established in 2017, Boost Commerce has been the leading provider of cost-effective solutions for upgrading Shopify’s search & filter. Boost’s Product Filter & Search app is trusted by more than 14,000 stores worldwide, propelling the conversion rate by up to 200%. With innovative technology, Boost provides immersive filter options and highly accurate search results that shorten customers’ journeys. Let’s learn more about the company and how this Shopify extension app helps online businesses grow.

About Boost Commerce

Boost Commerce is a dedicated team of professional e-Commerce experts with a mission to help online businesses scale. The company offers an industry-leading search and filter solution for Shopify that is reliable, accurate, and user-friendly. Since the Product Filter & Search app officially launched in 2017, Boost has amassed over 14,000 clients worldwide, including brands like Sony, GAP, and Ford,… The app greatly improves product visibility with intelligent search & filter features – designed to speed up shoppers’ purchase decisions. 

How Product Filter and Search by Boost Increases Revenue for Shopify Stores

Search & filter features are integral to online shopping. Unfortunately, not all Shopify merchants pay enough attention to these seemingly minuscule details while setting up their stores. That’s where Boost Commerce’s Shopify Search App comes into play. This Shopify application, while it only takes minutes to integrate, may save hours of optimizing the search options and filter tree that can increase the conversion rate by 200%. 

On-site Searchers Are 216% More Likely to Convert

According to a study by Weblinc, onsite searchers are 216% more likely to convert than regular users. Forrester Research also shows that up to 43% of website users head straight to the search bar after landing on a website. That’s why Boost’s Product Filter & Search app can be the real difference maker to Shopify businesses. The app provides onsite search optimization that helps visitors to find relevant information quickly. The less time shoppers spend looking for the product they want, the quicker they convert. It’s just that simple. 

Category-specific Filters Minimize Decision Fatigue

Speaking of helping store visitors find the product they want faster, filters surely deserve a closer look. Boost Commerce upgrades the Shopify filter to help shoppers narrow down options by criteria such as size, color, tags, or metafields… This keeps customers engaged by providing only relevant products and eliminates any distractions on their journey to purchase. A responsive filter tree greatly reduces online shoppers’ decision fatigue, which boosts sales. 

Actionable Insights from In-depth Analytics

Numbers don’t lie. To help Shopify store owners better their decision-making, the Filter & Search app by Boost Commerce comes with its own built-in analytics. This exportable 12-month Analytics report provides detailed data on the site-wide performance of search & filter features. Extract valuable insights to drive impactful decisions right from the app’s dashboard. 

Create An Immersive Shopping Journey with Boost Commerce’s Product Filter & Search

It’s incredible to see how great product filters and search features transform online shopping. Customers can easily find and compare products of their interest while businesses gain better conversion rates. Boost’s Product Filter & Search app equips Shopify stores with powerful tools that allow personalizing shoppers’ journeys. Convert searches into purchases through accurate search results as well as improved discoverability. 

Leveraging the powerful solution Boost provides, companies like Mobexpert have achieved €6,400,000 in sales within 6 months of installing the app. Small businesses such as Orka also benefit from the app, gaining approximately a 9% increase in total revenue. 

“Comparing the time before and after installing Boost’s application our conversion rate went from 2.5% to 3.2% which over a year equates to around a £250,000 increase in sales.”, George Greenhill, Founder of Protein Package. 

So, if there’s anything Shopify merchants should pay attention to, the Shopify search & filter options should be in the front and center. need attention. The product Filter & Search app by Boost Commerce provides a complete makeover to the native search bar as well as filter trees. Of course, installing one app would not be the end-all-be-all solution to convert customers. Yet, it’s still a great tool to leverage in conjunction with others for online businesses. 

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