Coach Yoann at nShape Capital has mastered the skill of self-discipline and effective strategizing to shape his career as a fitness and trading coach.

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Coach Yoann at nShape Capital has mastered the skill of self-discipline and effective strategizing to shape his career as a fitness and trading coach.

Coach Yoann’s commitment to self-discipline and consistency drives his trading and fitness coaching careers.

Finding common denominators in both trading and fitness

Talking to Yoann, founder and CEO of nShape Capital, about his two distinct areas of expertise and how they intertwine, he said, “I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years now, and I am extremely passionate about it. However, when the pandemic hit in 2020 and gyms temporarily closed, I knew I had to innovate and try something new. I wanted to learn some skills that would help me feel productive and add value to my life without relying on any employers but myself. That’s when I decided to learn more about the stock market.”

“Trading quickly became an obsession, and I am now as passionate about the Market as Fitness. The two are very similar; both have the mindset of “You vs. You.” Discipline, consistency, and strategy will lead to tremendous market and fitness success.’’

Trading mindset coaching services

After years of trial and error, extensive research, and learning from the best, Yoann is finally at a place where he considers himself a full-time day trader and has made many successful trades since. Yoann is now offering clients coaching services consisting of a one-on-one 55-minute time slot. Clients will learn to overcome common trading mistakes and implement the best trading strategies to maximize profits. 

Yoann believes in complete transparency; thus, his monthly success rate, daily revenue, number of trades taken per day, and average holding times are all listed on his website for clients to make an informed decision before reaching for his coaching services. 

Fitness Coaching with Yoann 

Yoann has more than two decades of experience in the fitness industry and has been a personal trainer for 14+ years. He believes in staying consistent, and following healthy nutrition and workout plan to achieve desired results. Yoann offers his clients monthly fitness subscriptions with customized workout plans, meal planning, and recovery. He caters to clients of all ages and genders and can design a program for any goal. 


Yoann is a financial trader as well as a fitness coach. With his ability to spot logical inefficacies in the market, Yoann coaches his trading clients to evolve their mindsets to trade better. He provides complete one-on-one coaching sessions to teach clients the power of self-discipline, adaptability, and consistency in trading. 

He also has decades of experience in fitness training, which he uses to help clients achieve their body goals through customized meals, workouts, and recovery plans tailored to each client’s fitness and dietary needs. 

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