Discusses Some of the Benefits of Commercial Security Camera Installation

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The business world has long been plagued by both external and internal security threats. Thankfully, modern technology provides better solutions than ever. Some business owners are hesitant to install cameras because they are concerned about how much it will cost or whether it will impact employee morale. However, the benefits described below should convince them to at least give the idea more thought.

Deter Crime

Business owners often think of security cameras as tools that make it easier to catch criminals, but is that really all they can do? Let’s ASK THE EXPERT: NEW TECHNOLOGY HELPS WITH RISING BUSINESS SECURITY CONCERNS not just by capturing video of crimes as they’re being committed but also by deterring criminals. People are less likely to commit break-ins, thefts, and acts of vandalism if they know they will be caught on camera doing so.

Reduce Liability in Legal Disputes

When people visiting a business get injured, business owners that have video cameras in place will be in a better position to uphold their own interests. Security cameras don’t just catch incidents like robberies and assaults. They also provide evidence of slips and falls and other common personal injuries for which business owners could be held liable, and according to, that evidence can be a boon to defense lawyers.

Deter Insider Theft

The threat of stolen goods, equipment, or information doesn’t just come from outside of a business. In many cases, insider threats are the more serious issue. From the theft of business equipment to data fraud, crimes committed by employees can be devastating, with some experts estimating that 33% of bankruptcies occur due to employee theft. Having a video surveillance system installed by a company like Signal Solutions will substantially reduce the risk of insider theft.

Make It Easier to Resolve Disputes

Disputes between employees can come up in just about any business environment. When they do, HR managers typically step in to help resolve the issue. Without evidence of exactly what happened, the proposed resolution may not be appropriate, though. The ability to give HR departments video evidence of the incident that caused the dispute helps to reduce issues with unconscious bias and ensure that interpersonal issues between employees are resolved fairly.

Monitor Customer Purchases in Retail

Employees at retail establishments need to balance two sometimes contradictory tasks. They must provide excellent customer service while simultaneously making sure they defend the company’s interests. Customers who want to dispute transactions or return items often find themselves caught in the middle, but having security cameras installed makes it easy for managers to determine when refunds should be issued. Anyone unsure about how to use surveillance video to facilitate customer returns can check this site out.

Surveillance Systems Are Worth the Investment

Surveillance systems are worth the investment for businesses of all sizes. They help to deter crime from both inside and out, resolve disputes between employees or with customers, and provide a safer environment for everyone. At the end of the day, the new surveillance system will save the company money, so consider it an investment made now to maximize future profits.


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