TS4U’s New Office: Revolutionizing IT Engineering Bootcamp Experience

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TS4U’s New Office: Revolutionizing IT Engineering Bootcamp Experience

TS4U's New Office: Revolutionizing IT Engineering Bootcamp Experience
TS4U cordially invites you to the inauguration event of our new headquarters at 30500 Van Dyke Ave, Ste # 201 Warren, MI 48093, on April 23, 2023, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM EST. As a leading technology and software training provider, this new location marks a significant milestone in our mission to offer high-quality training to learners across the United States.
TS4U is excited to invite you to the inauguration of their new headquarters in Warren, Michigan, on April 23, 2023. The new location also includes benefits such as free tuition for Michigan residents, a high success rate, and various support services to ensure student success. The inauguration event will also be an Eid celebration and will be accessible via Zoom for remote attendees.

TS4U, a leading platform of IT Engineering bootcamp, is excited to invite you to the inauguration of their new headquarters at 30500 Van Dyke Ave, Ste # 201 Warren, MI 48093, on April 23, 2023, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM EST. This relocation marks a significant milestone in their mission to deliver high-quality training to learners across the United States. The new headquarters will provide aspiring IT engineers with better learning and job placement opportunities.

Shiblu Ahmad, Founder and CEO of TS4U expressed his enthusiasm for the relocation, saying, “This new location represents a significant step in our mission to provide high-quality technology and software training to learners across the United States. With the new space, we can offer more courses, host more events, and provide a better learning environment for our students.”

The new headquarters boasts state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with the latest technology and tools to deliver top-notch training services. As TS4U continues to grow and expand, they remain dedicated to providing high-quality education and training that enables professionals to develop the skills needed to excel in the rapidly evolving IT industry.

Benefits of new location include:

• A spacious environment for an enhanced learning experience

• Access to cutting-edge technology and resources

• Convenient location with ample parking

• Expanded course offerings for career advancement

• Improved facilities for hosting events and workshops

TS4U offers aspiring IT engineers enhanced learning and placement opportunities. Participants will gain a comprehensive skill set, hands-on training sessions, and valuable industry connections to thrive in the competitive job market. Graduates of the program will receive personalized career plans and access to industry experts, ensuring they are well-positioned for success.

AKM Noor Chowdhury (SOHI) one of their successful AWS CloudOps Engineer student told,”I was a Quality Engineer. My friend and I met with Shiblu to understand the DevOps Course. We were convinced and pleased to join the CloudOps course. I have done it successfully, completed my presentation, and I got my job 3 weeks after I went to the job market. I have received professional job support, and services, and I listened to Shiblu each step.

I like the TS4U because, of the constant change, and adapt to new processes, procedures, tools, and technology. I recommend new students when you join, you need to put your effort, listen to your mentor, and follow everything given to you!”

To check more success stories you can visit: https://ts4u.us/success-stories

As an industry leader, TS4U is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment that empowers individuals from all backgrounds to succeed in their chosen career paths. The new headquarters will serve as a hub for educational programs, providing opportunities for hands-on experience in the IT industry.

Ts4U’s new location in Warren, Michigan, will offer the following Bootcamps:

• AWS CloudOps Engineer

• Software Quality Automation Engineering with Java and Selenium WebDriver

• Software Test Automation Engineer with NodeJs and Cypress

• Java Software Engineering

• Python Software Engineer

• Agile Product Owner

• Vehicle Validation Engineer

• Full-Stack Software Engineering (MERN)

• Front-End Web Development (JavaScript-NodeJS)

• 100% Learning Spoken and Written English (Only for Bangladeshi)

The expansion of TS4U’s new facility will benefit individuals and the local community. With an emphasis on job placement, graduates will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to secure well-paying jobs, leading to a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

The benefits of the new location include a spacious environment, access to the latest technology and resources, ample parking, and an easily accessible location. TS4U prides itself on its uniqueness in providing various benefits to its students. Some of the advantages include the following:

• Success: TS4U’s success rate is over 85%.

• FREE Tuition: Residents of the state of Michigan are eligible for free tuition.

• Carrying: TS4U treats each student’s journey like part of the family; they challenge students like they will get it done.

• Try it out: TS4U offers a FREE Trial, FREE Career Counseling, and 24/7 Support.

• Multiple Plans: TS4U provides numerous plans, but the best plan is to be with TS4U, get a job, and enjoy your life (100% Job Assistance!).

• Develop technical and communication skills that prepare students to join a company and hit the ground running.

• Internship opportunities and work with TS4U’s development team to know the entire software development life-cycle and development framework.

• Receive monthly progress reports.

• Weekly Show-N-Tell.

Talk to us.

• One-On-One Counseling.

• One-On-One technical support.

• Audio and video mock interviews.

• Interview assistance.

• Salary negotiation assistance to make more than $20k when negotiating for a job.

• Provide a competitive and challenging environment through group competition on their portal.

• Develop and build senior-level presentation skills.

• Interview mocks, group interviews, and resume reviews based on interview results.

• Assist with technical tasks to complete during the interview.

• Short and long-term in-job assistance.

• Guide students to climb the ladder for their next career.

• Eligibility for Michigan residents for free funding.

• Provide a mentor who works while teaching and showing students the software development from scratch.

• Provide and unleash various career opportunities throughout the BootCamp.

• Pay after getting a job and provide 100% effort to get a high-paying job.

It will be an inaugural event and Eid celebration together! Come and join them if you live in the metro Detroit area or remotely- they will have a zoom webinar too! Stay tuned for updates on TS4U’s progress and be a part of their journey as they work towards a brighter future for the IT industry.

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