FASERIPopedia brings Imagination and Fun come back to table top gaming

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FASERIPopedia brings Imagination and Fun come back to table top gaming

FASERIPopedia is an all encompassing version of the true retroclone rules for FASERIP together with a lot of options and additions: FASERIPopedia FASERIP Rules Cyclopedia.

FASERIPOPEDIA is available digitally from DriveThruRPG or in print from Lulu.com. There is also an Amazon-only hardcover edition series.

There are also numerous other FASERIP derived or inspired games however most of them have one or more serious departures from the original game from which the clones have taken their life. Which is not by any means to say they aren’t excellent games, most of them are! But when beginning, best to cleave as close as possible to the original rules, then making house rules to suit your game!

TW001 SOLDIER OF FORTUNE – sourcebook for real world military warfighting, all things armed forces and modern battle featuring TidalWave Productions’ SOLDIER OF FORTUNE characters!

TW002 10th MUSE and OLYMPUS – sourcebook for 10th Muse, her allies and enemies, the Olympian Gods and how to create your own FASERIP character in the world of TidalWave Productions’ 10th MUSE comicbooks!

FAM001 INTO THE DARKNESS – Heroes explore a cave system, infested with the byproducts of time travel!

FAM002 MOBILIS IN MOBILI – Heroes and villains on a runaway train!

FAM003 POWDERKEG – Against the Cartel – and the sinister forces who rule them! War Journals, mature age suggested adventures against the vile drug dealing networks, new details on playing government agents, street level heroes and grim avengers!

FAM004 RED DRUMS – in a world with more active space travel than our own, when Martian graves are violated, the Martian Warlords retaliate by unleashing the dead of Earth – as an UNDEAD HORDE!

FAM005 SWORD OF SINBAD – A villainous super team hijacks a gigantic ship in the Persian Gulf!

FAM006 THE Z-LIST – They’re all that’s left to face the Biggest Bad of all!

FAM007 RIDDLE OF SINBAD – A city in lockdown, a series of baffling thefts, and a KAIJU on the horizon!

FAM008 BLOOD VESSEL – Heroes must put a stop to the Quest for the Unholy Grail! Unfortunately for them, the Quest is being led by- DRACULA!!


SH001 CAMELOT – King Arthur and one hundred of his Knights of the Round Table – Social Combat and Psychic Crushing, Magic, monsters, magical items – run a fantasy roleplaying game OSR style but with FASERIP or embrace the whole beautiful tapestry of Arthurian Britain!

SV001 AGENCY – Anti-Hero spies, detectives and investigators! Contacts that don’t automatically do what you want! Rely on Reputation – until you fail a mission!

FAS001 LOST EMPIRES – A complete setting in a sourcebook!

FAS002 SUBTERRANEA Underground, Underworld, Tartarus and the Hollow Earth!

FAS003 COSMIC FORCES – Comicbook Outer Space! As realistic and crunchy or unrealistic and breezy as you want it to be! From 1930s planetary romance to dry hard science fiction details like gravity, fuel, atmosphere and star system generation! Long list of spaceships and aliens taken directly from the comics!

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