TheGist Is Helping Customize Workplace Information Delivery

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TheGist Is Helping Customize Workplace Information Delivery

To say that the volume of workplace data is rapidly increasing is an understatement. In today’s hyper-digital era, business data flow is overflowing by the second, with new information generated in real-time. It’s a slippery slope that every organizational workforce is constantly navigating, from company updates, and task distributions, to collaborative brainstorming. 

According to research, the global amount of data is projected to reach 180 zettabytes by 2025. 

However, poor data management and access to these large volumes of information are also concerning issues. A study shows that 41% of U.S. employees spend an average of one or more hours per day searching company networks or shared systems for work files or other information due to data being siloed.

With the abovementioned hiccups, leaders from a multitude of sectors are scouring for optimized information management solutions and customizable delivery options to streamline workspace data consumption. theGist, a workspace productivity tool that leverages generative AI, aims to boost workplace productivity by simplifying information creation with a contextual assistant that offers two delivery options: on-demand and daily digest.

Access Information as Needed

theGist is a platform that provides personalized summaries for Gmail and Slack, allowing users to cut through their work noise. This service is particularly helpful for those who deal with a high volume of emails and messages, as it provides a way to quickly and efficiently stay informed without getting bogged down by too much information.

In Slack, theGist allows users to summarize Slack channels and threads either on-demand or in a daily digest, which means they can choose either to receive a report summary at a designated time each day or in real-time.

In Gmail, theGist provides a quick overview of users’ inboxes and categorizes each email based on content. What’s more, these summaries can be accessed directly from Slack, enabling users to reach Inbox Zero in seconds. theGist also enables employees to quickly identify which email requires top urgency, reducing their time and effort in managing their inboxes.

Slack and Gmail Daily Digest

To set up Slack Daily Digest, users can tap the “Choose channels” option in the App Home and follow the instructions in the modal to select the channels they want to include and choose when they want to receive the digest. Once this is done, users will begin receiving their customized daily digest. If users want to customize their settings further, they can tap the “Settings” button on the top right of the App Home and choose “Slack Digest Configuration.”

For Gmail Digest, users first need to connect their Gmail account by tapping the “connect Gmail” button and following the necessary steps in their browser to allow permission. Once connected, users will see their Gmail inbox in the App Home, grouped by categories that make sense and summarized for easy viewing. The Priority category is placed on top and holds all the important emails. To customize the Gmail Digest feature, users can tap the “Settings” button on the top right of the App Home and choose “Gmail Configuration.”

theGist on Demand

theGist On Demand provides several convenient features for users to efficiently manage their work-related information. Firstly, users can chat with theGist assistant, much like ChatGPT, by messaging it in the DM. Additionally, users can collaborate with theGist assistant on any channel by mentioning @theGist.

Next, users just need to use the “/gist” command from any channel to get a summary of the most recent activity or discussion. This feature allows them to quickly stay informed about important updates and discussions without having to spend time manually reviewing each message.

Lastly, theGist On Demand allows users to summarize specific messages or threads using a message shortcut. This feature is particularly useful for users who want to quickly get an overview of a particular discussion or thread without having to read through the entire conversation.

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