E-Switchy Introduces New Conversion Kit That Turns Any Regular Bicycle Into E-Bike In Minutes

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E-Switchy Introduces New Conversion Kit That Turns Any Regular Bicycle Into E-Bike In Minutes

The easy-to-install kit outperforms standard e-bikes with a fraction of the cost

Micro-mobility devices have grown in popularity in recent years. They offer alternative transportation methods. But one company in particular made its mark rather quickly, E-Switchy.

E-Switchy is a Los Angeles-based startup that develops electric bike conversion kits that can turn any regular bicycle into an electric bike with a fraction of the cost of standard e-bikes. Simply switch your existing front wheel to replace it with an E-Switchy electric wheel. In minutes, your bicycle is converted into an e-bike.

Check out Switch One, E-Bike Kit: 

Using sophisticated Formula One technology, the company was set out to make available a conversion kit that would be within everybody’s reach. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for an e-bike, this kit is much more affordable and provides a better performance than standard electric bikes. E-Switchy offers models with distance that ranges from 37 to 75 miles, the highest range on the market today. The kit works on most bikes. As a result, the company was able to bring the price of the notoriously-expensive bikes down. Today, E-Switchy takes pride in providing practical alternatives to the e-bike industry, making them affordable and more accessible to the general public.

The compact design of the kits allows the rider to go a distance of up to 75 miles on a single charge with speed up to 28mph. During a steep uphill, a signal is sent to the intelligent assist system to increase power on the highly efficient motor. On a downhill, the system shuts down to save energy. It has a portable battery to charge anywhere and a USB port to charge a mobile phone.

Check out Switch Two E-Bike Kit: 

Transportation is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the EPA. Unlike a gas-powered car, e-bikes offer a less carbon-intensive option. The U.S. government wants to subsidize this market. Lawmakers introduced a bill that offers consumers a tax credit amounting to 30 percent of an e-bike’s price, up to a $1,500 refund. Some cities provide a rebate on e-bike purchases.

E-Switchy advances an eco-friendly lifestyle to promote sustainable energy. E-bikes are also a fun way to enjoy the fresh air and stay active. Those using it for work, will save on gas, avoid traffic and reduce commute time.

Check out Switch Three E-Bike Kit: 

E-Switchy was founded by entrepreneurs Mike Ghali and his wife Angela. Mike, an airline pilot, whose love of mechanics started at a young age. Angela, a business minded individual with a vision for success. When the corona virus pandemic hit, Mike’s employer went bankrupt and he was laid off. Then he got the bad news, he was diagnosed with cancer. During treatment, he started his business ventures ideas. Today, E-Switchy donates a percentage from sales to the Cancer Research Foundation. “I believe God spared my life for a reason,” Mike says. “Now is the time to give back.”

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