How to improve the efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine?

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How to improve the efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser cutting machine as a professional laser cutting equipment itself has the advantages of high efficiency and environmental protection, compared with the traditional cutting equipment, higher precision, faster speed, and can meet the cutting needs of various materials. Is there a better way to improve the efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine? Check out MEN-LUCK’s summary!

1, familiar with the cutting route: in laser cutting, first consult good drawings, according to the planned cutting route, to avoid repeated cutting, repeated line.

2. Optimization of cutting parameters: The parameter setting of laser cutting machine is one of the important factors affecting the cutting speed. If the parameters are not adjusted well, it will affect the cutting speed. Want to let the machine play the best kinetic energy, need to change different gases according to different materials, adjust the corresponding parameters.

3, maintain a good working environment: fiber laser cutting machine working environment temperature below 28° or higher than 30°, will affect the cutting effect, if dust, moist environment, it will lead to a rise in the failure rate may lead to serious damage to the machine.

4, do regular maintenance and overhaul: fiber laser cutting machine use for a period of time after the need for maintenance, due to the laser cutting machine more accessories, especially vulnerable parts to frequent inspection, problems need to be replaced in time, maintain the cutting effect and reduce the incidence of failure.

The above points can improve the overall efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine, in the daily work to do regular inspection, maintenance and warranty, reduce the external conditions of the damage to the equipment wearing parts, are good maintenance of equipment. Welcome to the official website of MEN-LUCK laser cutting machine for more knowledge about maintenance of laser cutting machine equipment

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