The Health Care System – Empowering & Protecting Citizens from Exploitation by Pharmaceutical Companies

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The Health Care System – Empowering & Protecting Citizens from Exploitation by Pharmaceutical Companies

Access to quality, dependable medication is fundamental to meeting the health needs of the American people. For that reason, leaders as well as pharmaceutical companies are morally obligated to ensure that the end user is fairly treated. A visible surge in the cost of attaining medical care continues to create uncertainty and unrest.

Pharmaceutical companies continue to have a strong hold on our health care system pushing people to decide between medical services and dinner. Far too often we have seen U.S. citizens flock to other countries and receive quality medical services at a fraction of the cost here. It is time to think outside of the box about a new face in leadership. Many are flocking to a Biden- Trump rematch but do we really need or want that? I would say not. 

The Covid pandemic only worsened the situation by adding to the already existing surge in the cost of health care therefore unless significant strides are taken to resolutely address the problem of rising healthcare costs, Americans will find themselves painfully paying high costs that are unjustifiable.

Americans deserve a leader who puts their wellbeing first which means making quality medical care available to each and every household for a fair cost. Despite several incentives by the Department of Health and Human Services, one will still find themselves paying through the nose for medication even though it is outright exploitation.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is such a figure to consider. He has been outspoken on “big pharma” for decades and has dedicated countless personal energy, time, and funds to do so. As our nation continues to see a rise in the size of the elderly cohort due to increase in life expectancy, health care access will be critical in maintaining societal stabilization. 

He has emphasized assigning safety responsibility to pharmaceutical companies for the products that they make billions from. He also traveled to Louisiana in opposition to children mandated immunizations, seeking to keep that power in the hands of parents. If we are going to have laws they should be to empower and protect the citizens, not industry. RFK Jr. has been on the forefront of this fight for decades. Give him consideration… give him a chance. 

Yes, it is good to have successful American Pharmaceutical companies but it is great for such companies to also put the wellbeing of the American people at the forefront. Different stake holders under dependable leadership ought to resolve the prevailing threat to the wellbeing of the people.

Tony T. Williams is a native of Keithville, LA, and a 22-year U.S. Army veteran. He holds a Master’s Degree in Health Care Administrations and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Gerontology. He plans to return to Shreveport this summer and become active in civic, fraternal, and veteran organizations.

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