Minority-Owned Boltpoint Media Takes Unique Approach to Integrated Marketing

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Minority-Owned Boltpoint Media Takes Unique Approach to Integrated Marketing

Helping local businesses, small brands and nonprofits ignite scalable growth

Boltpoint Media, a Central Ohio-based integrated marketing and creative services agency, focuses on supporting local businesses, small brands, and nonprofits in attaining scalable growth through their distinctive method of integrated marketing. Their innovative “Mad Science” technique merges their proficiency in branding, marketing, and advertising, resulting in dynamic and imaginative marketing strategies tailored to their clients’ needs.

Boltpoint Media’s services encompass the entire spectrum of building and promoting a brand, from developing a strong visual identity and messaging to executing effective marketing campaigns and advertising strategies. Their Mad Science methods incorporates their signature approach created by Chip Gregory, Subatomic Branding™, Trilateral Marketing, and Omni-Based Advertising, designed to help clients build a stronger brand foundation, increase recognition, and reach target audiences across multiple channels.

Subatomic Branding™ is a unique approach developed by Boltpoint Media that drills down to the smallest details of a brand experience to create a stronger brand foundation. By identifying and leveraging a company’s unique energy field, Subatomic Branding™ helps attract the ideal customer base, repel those who aren’t a good match, and set the brand apart from the competition. This innovative approach fuses design, messaging, and strategy at the “subatomic level” to create a stronger brand foundation.

Trilateral Marketing is Boltpoint Media’s theatrical and process-based approach that combines digital, live, and cause marketing to deliver dynamic engagement and increased recognition. This approach is designed to help clients stand out in a crowded market and achieve scalable growth. Boltpoint Media’s Trilateral Marketing approach creates a personal connection with customers through live marketing, building a relationship that fosters engagement and loyalty. By engaging with the community through cause marketing, Boltpoint Media helps clients build a positive reputation that increases brand loyalty and trust.

Omni-Based Advertising is Boltpoint Media’s solution to digital challenges faced by local businesses, small brands, and nonprofits. This approach blends creative content and data-focused strategies to target customers across channels. Boltpoint Media’s Omni-Based Advertising combines art and science to deliver tactical and dynamic solutions that make their clients’ brands stand out. The agency’s precision targeting ensures that ads reach the right audience, helping clients scale their advertising efforts effectively and reach niche audiences that convert.

Boltpoint Media’s Mad-lab methods for integrated marketing has been successful in helping their clients stand out in their respective markets. The agency takes pride in its diversity and inclusivity, led by black female entrepreneur Essence Marsh and gay integrated marketing expert Chip Gregory. They believe their diversity brings a unique perspective to their work, allowing them to provide innovative and unconventional marketing solutions.

Their unique approach to branding, marketing, and advertising has caught the attention of local businesses and nonprofits, leading to a partnership with iHeartMedia in Marion, Ohio. This partnership has opened new possibilities for Boltpoint Media to offer even more innovative solutions to their clients.

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