Author Timothy Slykhuis’ inspiring book “Starfish Sky” serves as a healing voice for those with brain injury.

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Author Timothy Slykhuis’ inspiring book “Starfish Sky” serves as a healing voice for those with brain injury.

“Starfish Sky,” an emotional story based on actual events, narrates author Timothy Slykhuis’ personal story about how one accident changed his life forever and how he struggled all the way through without giving up.

Renowned author Timothy Slykhuis brings a heart-warming narrative in “Starfish Sky,” an inspiring read that grabs readers’ emotions and takes them on a journey of ups and downs.

In Starfish Sky, the author tackles his story of a physically active individual who struggled with dyslexia to someone suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury. 

In his journey, Timothy had to overcome hurdles, create new paths, and change what used to be normal. Timothy serves as the voice of hope and understanding to the many individuals who don’t have a voice or words to say.

JoJo Maxson, in a review, said she loves how Timothy redefined the term “reinventing oneself,” which meant going outside the box and becoming a different person, trying new activities, and doing new things. 

“It is humbling to write a review of his life when I have not traveled the same road. I finished with great respect for Timothy and a better appreciation for those I don’t understand. This book will live with you for a long time,” wrote Maxson.

AliReads, in a separate review, commended how the author waded through the challenges in life and emerged victorious because of his willpower and determination to thrive amid adversities.

“The story is about the author who had a bicycle accident which caused severe brain injuries due to which he fell that his life cannot be the same again. But how he struggles to make his life less miserable and livable is commendable,” wrote AliReads.

AliReads added that the traumatic parts of the story make people realize the blessing of physical fitness, which they take for granted and are not thankful for it. 

“While reading it, I realized that small things in life should be enjoyed because any moment you might not be in [the] same shape as you are right now,” he added.

Meanwhile, Saya Jacandara said “Starfish Sky” manages to turn things around and give a breath of hope to those who have lost what seems to be everything dear in life.

“I personally haven’t experienced such a traumatic event, but it made me empathize on a very deep level and appreciate the small things in life. And it also reminded me that there is always a way to turn things around and see the glass [as] half full instead of half empty. It all depends on your mindset and motivation,” wrote Saya. 

Those who want to grab a copy of “Starfish Sky” may purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository.  

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