The Mark Academy Disrupts Automotive Training with AI and Mobile

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The Mark Academy Disrupts Automotive Training with AI and Mobile

AI & Personalization Lands in Automotive Showrooms and Service Lanes

Practical training for customer-facing team members in the automotive industry has long been a challenge. Traditional methods often fail to meet individual salespeople, service advisors, and other customer-facing roles’ unique needs. The Mark Academy, founded by accomplished Automotive Dealers, General Managers, and Automotive Management Consultants, is pioneering a groundbreaking approach to dealership training. By combining personalized learning, advanced technology, and innovative teaching techniques, The Mark Academy aims to transform the skills and expertise of client-facing professionals across the industry.

One of the primary issues The Mark Academy’s founders identified was the need for more training in franchise automotive dealerships. With trainers typically visiting dealerships only once a month or less, staff members must remember as much as 95% of what they learned before the next session. This cycle hampers progress and prevents dealerships from significantly enhancing their customer-facing teams’ performance and knowledge retention.

To address the need for a more personalized and frequent training solution, The Mark Academy collaborated with a data scientist and conducted extensive research on learning, retention, and the application of knowledge. The result was a revolutionary system designed to enhance world-class training material using microlearning techniques, delivered through a medium that dealership staff are already comfortable with: their mobile devices.

The Mark Academy’s proprietary training approach incorporates game, social, and reputation mechanics to engage and motivate learners across all customer-facing roles. This gamification of training fosters a sense of achievement and friendly competition and encourages consistent progress.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been integrated into the platform by The Mark Academy’s development team, enabling hyper-personalized daily sessions for each team member, regardless of their specific role. The AI-powered platform ensures continuous improvement by tailoring each session to individual professionals’ unique needs and challenges. It accelerates the journey from primary or no knowledge to mastery in their respective fields.

The Mark Academy’s dedication to revolutionizing automotive dealership training goes beyond the adoption of advanced technology. The company also emphasizes continuously refining its training content based on industry trends and developments. This ensures that customer-facing professionals, from sales representatives to service advisors, have the most up-to-date knowledge and best practices to excel in the competitive automotive market.

By addressing the limitations of traditional dealership training methods, The Mark Academy is poised to impact the automotive industry significantly. Its pioneering approach to professional development sets a new standard for dealership training, potentially transforming the performance of client-facing teams across the sector. As The Mark Academy continues to innovate and refine its training solutions, including the development of modules for call center staff and finance managers, it remains at the forefront of change, leading the way toward a more effective and prosperous future for automotive dealerships.

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