Boulder Chiropractor for Vertigo Offers Specialized Prevention Or Management Techniques

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Boulder Chiropractor for Vertigo Offers Specialized Prevention Or Management Techniques

Atlas Chiropractic offers targeted treatment to prevent vertigo. The techniques help to treat the root causes of the symptoms.

Atlas Chiropractic and Dr. Alison Bremner are pleased to announce that vertigo therapy is available through chiropractic techniques. The Boulder Chiropractor for Vertigo team is focused on helping patients understand the various factors contributing to vertigo and developing a therapy plan to alleviate the symptoms. Many factors can contribute to dizziness, such as head trauma, inner ear issues, or stress. Chiropractic therapy has been gaining ground lately in treating the root causes of this condition. Medications and other treatment methods may also be utilized to alleviate the discomfort associated with vertigo.

The chiropractic team implements a customized treatment plan. The plan often combines chiropractic with other therapies, such as physical exercise or medication. The Atlas Chiropractic team encourages patients to seek treatment. Ignoring underlying causes related to vertigo could lead to severe consequences. Spinal alignment in managing vertigo is essential. Dr. Bremner can use precise adjustments in the neck and spine as one method of managing vertigo.

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The neck is essential to provide balance and orientation to the body. The cervical vertebrae protect and support the head and the spinal cord. If the neck or spine is out of alignment, the tension on the nerves in the area can affect the ability to maintain equilibrium. Chiropractic adjustments manipulate the spine and neck to realign vertebrae, reducing nerve tension. In addition, aligning the spinal column can improve nerve communication from the brainstem to the inner ear. Spinal cord alignment can potentially lessen vertigo symptoms in intensity and frequency.

Atlas Chiropractic uses other techniques for the treatment of vertigo. Massage therapy alleviates muscle tension and augments blood circulation to the afflicted area. Improved circulation has the benefit of reducing body stress. The Boulder Chiropractors often use the Epley Maneuver for the management of vertigo. The patient is gently guided to move the neck and head through certain positions. The inner ear crystals responsible for vertigo symptoms are gently moved to improve the condition.

Vertigo prevention by regular chiropractic care is critical to optimal body performance. Regular chiropractic visits ensure that the balance of the spinal column remains intact. Chiropractic care also helps to stimulate nerve functioning throughout the body, allowing for improved stability and less likelihood of experiencing vertigo attacks.

The benefits of chiropractic care in preventing vertigo are based on proper spinal alignment, improving balance, and enhancing nerve function. Vertigo, among other health issues, can be avoided when the nervous system operates normally.

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Atlas Chiropractic offers specialized treatments focused on relieving vertigo. Regular chiropractic sessions help to keep the spinal column in alignment. Chiropractic care can also be combined with other techniques to improve overall health.

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