Daniel Manzo: Breaking Taboos and Inspiring Personal Growth through Podcast and Social Media

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Daniel Manzo: Breaking Taboos and Inspiring Personal Growth through Podcast and Social Media

Daniel Manzo, a mechatronics engineer, has made the bold decision to leave his job and master’s program during the pandemic to pursue social media full-time. With a solidified community, his podcast Breaking Taboos, and content focused on personal growth, healthy relationships, and fitness, Daniel aims to break taboos every day like his guests on his podcast. As a triathlete and mountaineer, Daniel has completed an Ironman and climbed the most important mountains in Central and South America. However, his list of achievements doesn’t stop there as he plans to summit Mount Everest and the Seven Summits within the next two years. His life experiences greatly enhance his conference, “Scaling Your Goals.”

In a recent interview, Daniel shared his personal journey and future plans:

“My parents denied my dream of acting, insisting that the right path was to become an engineer and work in the industry. Growing up in Monterrey, as a city, one always strives to excel in the industry. Therefore, I learned three languages, including German, to stand out as an engineer and work in Germany, the birthplace of the automotive industry. After graduating as an engineer and securing a scholarship from DAAD due to my German proficiency and grades, I moved to Munich to work at BMW, where I realized I needed to be true to myself to be happy and pursue my dreams rather than those of others. After resigning from my job and master’s program, I delved into social media. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to turn my work into my passion and be true to myself.”

Daniel’s idea for his business started when he was denied the opportunity to post content on social media by his employer as an engineer. As a climber, he suffered injuries that made him reconsider accepting a job without incapacity. However, during the pandemic, with no restrictions on his job, he posted a video showing his personality and promoting love for his partner. He received a warm reception, which was the confidence boost he needed to start his journey.

Daniel’s achievements are impressive, with a DAAD scholarship, being the president of the student association for the first merger of three careers, and receiving an award for integral training as a gold medalist in swimming with UDEM CONADEIP during his academic career. In life, he has garnered over three million followers on his social media platforms, reached the finals of an Ironman competition, and summited the most important mountains in Central and South America as a mountaineer.

Looking to the future, Daniel’s vision for his project is to become the #1 podcast in Mexico, effect change through information, break the taboos that limit our minds, climb the Seven Summits for a charitable cause, and support people who cannot afford prosthetics. He also aims to expand his social media presence to reach as many people as possible with conscious content.

For more information about Daniel Manzo and his endeavors, please contact https://linktr.ee/danielmanzog

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