A must read provocative romance novel in 2023 is How to Be A Mistress by author LA Smith

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A must read provocative romance novel in 2023 is How to Be A Mistress by author LA Smith

Author LA Smith recently released her provocative romance debut, How to Be A Mistress: You Need a Mind in order to Shine. This tantalizing read puts a new spin on the relationship between love, power, and greed, all set against the unique background of a historic city that knows the blues.

Book cover of How to Be A Mistress

How to Be A Mistress follows the life of Miracle Beharry, a stunning Creole temptress who moves from New Orleans to Memphis to care for her dying mother and escape the network of a powerful Colombian drug lord who killed a federal detective in front of her. Assuming the name of Deliyah Wilson, she finds work as a stripper but soon begins seducing high-profile men throughout the city. After realizing that she can use her connections to build a business empire of her own, Miracle is determined to create a future free of her complicated past and those of whom she fears the most — if her past doesn’t catch up with her first.

How to Be A Mistress is perfect for fans of exotic romantic fantasies that feature strong women, adulterous affairs, and organized crime. This riveting novel showcases the realities of living in the City of Blues as told from a resident’s perspective.

Unlike the stars of many books in the romance and suspense genres, Miracle is a complex character who isn’t afraid to break the rules and reject society’s expectations for modern women. She uses her wits and business talent to get ahead in a situation where few would be able to survive and thrive.

How to Be A Mistress: You Need a Mind in order to Shine is available for purchase on Amazon.com or wherever books are sold. The chapter series book is part of a set of 12 chapters with two companion series, Beale Street Blues and The Bible Belt State, that are currently in development. Smith has specially created a video trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSM-DYNXmoE

LA Smith has had a lifelong passion for writing and music. After graduating with a master’s degree in English and creative writing, she launched a successful business selling online journals and educational materials. She credits her mother with pushing her to follow her passion and start writing creatively. Smith, who currently resides in Memphis, believes in the improvement of her community as she recently became a foster mom. She takes pride in helping children that have been abandoned and abused by working through the foster care system to encourage and enhance positive childhood development. Visit her online at her Youtube channel, Binge Watchers.

Author photo of LA Smith

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