Law Notes: First Class Law Notes for the LLB

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Law Notes: First Class Law Notes for the LLB

By Law Tutor Published May 4, 2023

Law Tutor is an industry leader in online law tutoring and teaching students how to write law essays. Law Tutor has utilised his twenty years of teaching experience to compile a comprehensive set of law notes. These notes are beneficial for LLB law students as well as those pursuing conversion law degrees such as the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), Post Graduate Diploma in Law (PDGL), and MA Degree in law.

Why are these law notes so special? It’s just that they were written that way, with the learner in mind. By making high-quality law notes and other appropriate resources accessible to students to assist with their essays and assignments, Law Tutor hopes to change the narrative.

Are you familiar with the IRAC Method? IRAC refers to the “Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion” framework for legal analysis. An effective legal answer adheres to some variation of the IRAC structure. From this IRAC-tested technique, Law Tutor developed the FACT LAW SANDWICH approach. Students earn marks using this method by explaining the applicable law and then applying it to the facts. This is how his law notes have been written so a student can take the relevant part and apply it using this formula.

Introducing the Fact Law Sandwich





Law Tutor told us:

“When using the Fact Law Sandwich, you can never be accused of failing to contemplate the facts if you simply state what you have been told. Keep it concise. My law notes highlight each general principle – it explains the law as if you are speaking to a child. In the law sections cite the authority – my notes provide full facts and what was held. Lastly the notes show you how to apply the case.

When you provide counsel to someone, adopting the “Fact Law Sandwich” will make it sound and appear more organised and professional. The name “Fact Law Sandwich” comes from the fact that the piece of advice has two layers of facts on each side, with a general principle backed by legal authority located in the centre.”

The series of law notes that are provided by Law Tutor are produced with the goal of providing the student with a solid understanding of the most significant cases that pertain to their research. It is crafted in a manner that makes the Fact Law Sandwich technique easier to implement. Law Tutor has included the basic concept, the name of the case along with the entire citation, the facts, the Ratio (which is the item that the law lecturers say you always need to apply), and the application, which is how the case should be applied. There is no other law book or set of law notes that makes all of this material so easily accessible.

The law notes are written with the intention of providing all students with simple, understandable, and fully comprehensive legal education resources. Additionally, Law Tutor has produced a series of questions and answers Q&A’s on a variety of topics, including European law, Equity and Trusts, Public Law, EU Law, Criminal law, and Tort Law.

You can download the free law notes sample from his website. Furthermore if you like what you read – then in addition to being able to be downloaded from the internet, the law notes which have been bound into books may be purchased in paperback form on Amazon, which makes them accessible to students all over the world.

About Law Tutor

Teaching law is the talent of Law Tutor, who has experience both as a law lecturer and a barrister. Law Tutor has developed instructional and research instruments of an exceptionally high standard. As a means of providing assistance to law students all around the world, the mission of Law Tutor is to make available to all students legal education resources that are straightforward and easy to use.

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