Elevate Projects with Fair Wind Fasteners’ Unique Machined Washers

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Elevate Projects with Fair Wind Fasteners’ Unique Machined Washers

Woodworkers and Boatbuilders: Get the perfect finish with Fair Wind Fasteners’ bronze machined washers, designed to prevent split wood and provide a seamless look.

Fair Wind Fasteners, a renowned marine-grade fastener supplier, has launched a new product that is set to revolutionize the woodworking and boatbuilding industries. The company has introduced a set of machined washers made of 651 Silicon Bronze, the same alloy used in their popular cut thread bronze wood screws. These washers have been designed to provide the perfect finishing touch to any woodworking or boatbuilding project.

According to the company, these washers prevent the frustration of split stock caused by standard screws, while also preventing worn-out screw holes on panels or hatches that are regularly removed for access. The combination of washer and screw applies force like a pan or round head screw, but is counterbored to a flush position. This results in a seamless finish, with the screw head and exposed washer rim at the same level.

“These washers are a game-changer for renovations, external trim repairs, pulling in heavy boat planks, and fine furniture,” said a spokesperson for Fair Wind Fasteners. “They allow you to pull warped trim or planking into place with long screws without worrying about the countersunk head of your screw splitting the timber. When used on access hatches or a cabin sole, the hatch can be unscrewed and then re-fastened without wearing out the surrounding timber.”

To ensure a clean finish with no tear-out, Fair Wind Fasteners recommends using a forstner bit or brad-point drill for the counterbore hole. The washers work with any standard Flat or Oval head wood screw with 82° countersink heads.

Fair Wind Fasteners has been a leading supplier of marine-grade fasteners since its inception. The company was founded by a boat owner who had a hard time finding high-quality silicon bronze fasteners for refastening planks to frames. Today, the company supplies top-quality marine-grade fasteners to boatbuilding companies, boatbuilding colleges, and factory OEMs.

“We’re not the cheapest, but we do provide the best,” said the spokesperson. “We’ve travelled around the globe and received numerous fastener samples from manufacturers and have chosen only the best to be carried here at Fair Wind.”

Fair Wind Fasteners’ new machined washers are set to become a must-have for fine woodworkers and boatbuilders. These washers are not only functional but also add a touch of elegance to any project. With their commitment to quality and customer service, Fair Wind Fasteners is likely to continue leading the way in the marine-grade fastener industry.

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