Medici Bank Modernizes High Yield CDs to Maximize Savings

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Medici Bank Modernizes High Yield CDs to Maximize Savings

Medici Bank proves that digital banks can afford to pay higher yields Certificates of Deposit (CDs).

In an era where banks have raised borrowing costs much faster than the interest rates they pay,  Medici Bank is leveraging technology to be at the forefront of higher yielding bank accounts for those savings for the long term.

Over the past 40 years, bank Certificates of Deposits (CDs), have remained largely unchanged, offering slightly higher yields for committing funds to a predetermined term. When rates are low, they don’t offer much benefit but when rates are high, like now, they can be a great way to lock in high returns over a longer period. Medici Bank has analyzed these trends to offer tailored CD products that cater to both short-term and long-term financial goals, enabling depositors to earn more for longer.

Digital Banks Elevating CD Returns:

Leveraging modern technology and efficient operations, Medici Bank provides remarkably high interest rates for CDs, outperforming traditional banks consistently. This edge is primarily due to lower overhead costs using advanced automation processes, and the avoidance of operating branches, which lowers both real estate and  labor expenses.

2024 and Beyond – A New Era for Savers:

As the economy stabilizes post-pandemic, Medici Bank’s CD options come with the promise of locking in higher returns over time.  

Edward Boyle, CEO of Medici Bank, states, “A lot of banks are hoping and betting that interest rates set by the Federal Reserve Bank will decrease soon and aggressively. We disagree. We see rates staying higher for longer and so offer interest rates aligned with our analysis. The fact that we are web-native helps ensure we can offer higher yields because we need less margin to run our operations. Our goal is to empower savers to maximize return on their savings over time.”

Strategic Savings with Medici Bank CDs:

Medici Bank’s suite of CD products ranges from  short-term CDs for those seeking liquidity to multi-year CDs for those looking to lock in the high rates for even longer term,  predictable growth. A “laddering” strategy is recommended for those looking to balance accessibility with the benefit of higher yields, allowing them to manage their savings effectively against the backdrop of an uncertain inflation landscape. Laddering is done by funding multiple CDs of varying duration, so that they have CDs regularly maturing over time, such as one every three or six months. 

As digital banks continue to reshape the financial services landscape, Medici Bank is leading the charge by offering competitive rates that challenge traditional banking norms and cater to the savvy saver.

For more information about Medici Bank’s CD options, please visit Medici Bank’s official website.

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