Artist Indigo Chyld releases her new single while raising funds for ‘The Mongol Rally’

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Artist Indigo Chyld releases her new single while raising funds for ‘The Mongol Rally’

Indigo Chyld aka Adina Korn is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s Music Industry business program. She is a talented singer who previously released an album called “River Bend” featuring songs titled “Selfless Love” and “Anymore”. She has recently launched her newest track called “River Bend” on her official website and all streaming platforms. It is a soft, and soothing song featuring soulful vocals. She has a growing fan base on social media and has lived in New York, Israel, Toronto and Los Angeles leading her to become a universal storyteller and a visionary artist.

Adina will be participating in The Mongol Rally upon completing her graduation. The Mongol Rally is an extravagant and totally wild intercontinental car race that begins in Europe and ends in Ulan Ude, Russia. The rules of the rally are simple; the car you use must have an engine less than 1200cc, the teams are unsupported and free to choose their own route and each team that participates will raise money for a charity. It is an adventure of a lifetime that leaves you with a new perspective on life and many stories to tell. She’s leveraging her popularity and EP to raise funds for “The Mongol Rally”.

Adina is raising funds from all the sources she can to participate in this rally and tick off this one thing from her bucket list. All the proceeds from her music streaming or the product purchases on her website go towards this rally. Every purchase helps Adina move towards her goal of crossing the desert in the epic Mongol Rally with the ultimate purpose of raising significant funds for charities, Cool Earth and Save a Child’s Heart.

Adina will join this rally with her two other friends in a quest to explore the world. Together, the three have traveled to dozens of countries, met hundreds of inspiring travelers and explored the wildest of places. “We are women, we are not afraid of exploring the unknown, and we are stepping way outside of our comfort zones. We plan on traveling over 10,000km across the globe in the hopes of empowering other women to do the same”, says Adina Korm.

Know more about Adina Korn and her music album ‘River Bend’ on her official website.

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