The List of Devices Every Canadian Household Worried About Security Should Know About

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The List of Devices Every Canadian Household Worried About Security Should Know About

According to the Toronto Police Service, the months of October, November and December are when most breaking and entering cases occur. With as many as 3,238 break-ins having happened just last October. In addition to this, shocking studies have shown that properties which have been burglarized, have a 12 chance of being burglarized again.

In face of such findings, an established CCTV and security camera provider has pulled together a list of recommendations for security enhancement devices every household can easily adopt.

There are a number of ways anyone can protect themselves from burglaries and break-ins. While it might not be avoidable every single time, having one or more of the following devices will definitely decrease the chances of a break-and-enter into homes.

  1. Nest Smart Lock – As the name suggests, this smart lock does not require a key to open and lock doors. While this might sound like something from a science fiction movie, it’s actually a proven way to maintain the security of a home, while also never having to second guess and worry if the door was actually locked. The key is replaced with a phone app where the owner controls access for everyone and has the option to keep track of those who come in and leave the property at all times.
  2. Nest Hello Video Doorbell – This doorbell has everything anyone would ever want from a security camera – and more. On one hand it benefits from HDR imaging, 24/7 streaming, and night vision, and is designed to resist extreme weather conditions, while on the other it allows the owner to control everything from their phone app – including talking!
  3. Yale Smart Lock – For those who feel like the Nest Smart Lock might be a bit too much for them, this lock is still key-less however it works slightly different. It comes with an alarm attached to it and it allows for up to 20 users accommodating a mix of 20 unique pin codes, key cards and tags.
  4. Ring Smart Lock – To set this one up, all that needs to be done is using the existing peephole to fix the device without having to do anything else. Similar to the others, this smart lock also comes without a key. What sets the Ring Smart lock apart is the long battery life together with the Flex-Lock option it comes with. This means the automatic locking feature can be easily disabled just by flipping the interior side into a vertical position.
  5. August Smart Lock – What impresses most about this smart lock is its innovative design and easy installation (under 15 minutes). Similar to the others, it comes without a key however it’s easily attachable to a deadbolt which means that owners who truly want to keep using a physical key as well, still can. A sensor locks and unlocks the door upon arrival if set up and it also comes with a security camera solution.

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