T-WATER SHOWERHEAD set to launch Kickstarter campaign for their innovative showerhead

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T-WATER SHOWERHEAD set to launch Kickstarter campaign for their innovative showerhead

Provider of innovative bathing solutions, T-Water Showerhead, aims to raise funds for their innovative showerhead with filters with the launch of a campaign on Kickstarter

T-Water Showerhead is set to go live on the popular online fundraising platform, Kickstarter, as makers of the innovative bathing solution are looking to raise funds for the project. The aim of the campaign is to raise $4,000 to cover several aspects of the production and distribution process of the shower and ultimately make it available to millions of people in different parts of the world.

Described as the magic skincare showerhead, T-WATER Showerhead is seemingly revolutionizing shower head with a state-of-the-art spray plate design and multi-stage filtering system that basically turns the shower into a pulsating massage with boosted pressure and an invigorating, aromatic spa with purified softened water. The era of using the traditional showerhead that has been discovered to give in to the pressure of hard water seems to b over. This claim is substantiated with the advent of the T-Water Showerhead.

The probably the first of its kind in the world, designed to filter water and soften showering water. This consequently saves users from the harmful effect of using hard water to shower, with some of the effects including damage to parts of the body such as the hair, skin, and nail.

T-WATER Showerhead is designed to use innovative micro-pore technology to create micro-droplets that melt into every inch of the skin to nurture the body and mind. Some of the highlighted features and benefits of T-Water Showerhead are increased water pressure, aromatherapy, purify and soften water, conservation of water and money, replenish collagen and vitamin C, and increase ergonomic grip handle pressure.

The product’s collagen content makes the skin elastic, while vitamin C removes the residual chlorine in the water to significantly reduce the aging process of the skin while creating rich negative ions that revitalize the mind and body.

T-WATER Showerhead is made of premium ABS which has a strong heat insulation ability to prevent hand burning when running hot water, while also ensuring the durability of the product. The easy-to-clean material also controls scale buildup inside the showerhead to guarantee an all-time powerful stream of water, and inhibit bacteria reproduction from creating unpleasant odor of the shower water.

Led by Dr. Wang, a leading expert in the field of water purification, the team at T-Water Showerhead has announced plans to start the production of the showerhead in November 2019 with delivery for backers of the campaign scheduled for December in the same year.

More information about T-Water Showerhead and how to back the fundraiser is available on Kickstarter.

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