Keeping Homes Cool In The Heat

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Keeping Homes Cool In The Heat

Keeping Homes Cool In The Heat

Jim Townsend, President of Ace Heating and Air Conditioning
Helpful hints from a local expert to help prepare for a hot summer!

By Jim Kedge

PRINCETON, MN – Murphys Law states that if anything can go wrong, it will. Many also add to Murphys Law that things will go wrong at the worst possible time. Homeowners all across the country can attest to how true this statement feels.

There is never a good time for something to break in our home, but there are moments where the timing couldnt be any worse. Like when an air conditioner putters out during a muggy and unbearable summer heatwave.

To help prepare for the summer, Jim Townsend of Ace Heating and Air Conditioning in Princeton, Minnesota, provided some hints for taking care of the house.

It can be a huge headache to have AC stop working in the summer,” Townsend states. One of the main reasons AC units quit working on the hottest days is that they work much harder in the intense heat. It takes more effort and puts a greater strain on the many moving parts. We offer 24/7 service so that we can respond to a broken AC in the middle of summer because we know this is a real issue!”

Townsend and his team want to help homeowners and businesses avoid the hassles of a broken air conditioner. We help lots of people fix a broken air conditioner but would rather fix the problem before it happens,” Townsend explains. With regular maintenance and checks, costly breakdowns dont have to occur.

Whenever we respond to an emergency, it always costs the customer extra,” Townsend explains. Weekend or calls that occur outside of regular hours require double the fee for workers. Scheduling preventative care for your airflow systems can save a ton of money.”

Cleaning ducts, replacing worn-down parts, and tuning up an AC unit can contribute to greater efficiency and lower costs. Bringing a professional in to look after your furnace and AC unit is an excellent investment,” Townsend explains. We know how to make sure our clients achieve peak comfort in their home climate.”

Beyond preventative maintenance, Jim Townsend had a few other suggestions for keeping things cool at home.

Utilize natural shade around your house,” Townsend explains. If you have large trees in your yard, take good care of them. The leaves can provide crucial shade for your home and yard in the summer.”

Townsend mentions the importance of using fans inside. We all like to be cool at night, but sometimes an air conditioner has to run so much to provide the coolness we like.” Having a fan in our bedroom, kitchen, or living room can help provide cool air directly when and where we need it, saving our larger AC unit the need to run constantly.

Lastly, Townsend mentions the things we do that heat up our house in the summer. One of the biggest heat producers in our home is our stove,” Townsend says. Baking or roasting in the summer can drastically raise the indoor temperature. Try cooking more outside,” says Townsend. Invest in a BBQ with a rotisserie or look into an outdoor oven.” Cutting down on our heat inside through outdoor cooking can be great fun for anyone who loves cooking.

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