Artist XiXELS Repurposes Art Into Non-Fungible Tokens

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Artist XiXELS Repurposes Art Into Non-Fungible Tokens

Artist XiXELS Repurposes Art Into Non-Fungible Tokens

The era of cryptocurrencies is well and truly underway, with various digital currencies available to users around the world. The latest spinoff of the crypto rave is the arrival of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) – a unique form of digital artwork underpinned by blockchain technology – on the scene, with NFT transactions exceeding $220 million in the past month alone. This phenomenon has opened new vistas for artists like XiXELS, who are leveraging technology to create new forms of art.

Danny “XiXELS” Lopes is a Luso-American entrepreneur, entertainer and abstract expressionist based in Los Angeles, California. Although initially focused on the entertainment industry, beginning his acting career from the age of 8, XiXELS has been creating art for about three decades. Recognized for his deep-seated imagination, he has collaborated with a slew of talented artists and musicians to produce high-impact art pieces that are immersive and driven by music and passion.

XiXELS views the world and the interaction of everything in it as boundless, and his pieces tend to reflect the infinite possibilities of what is and what could be. His vision is to paint exploration and possibility born out of an outlook of a life lived at its fullest. This virtuoso artist experiments with mixed media creations to demonstrate compilations that are alive with undertones of chance and possibility. XiXELS’ artistic style is a seamless blend of influences from musical and visual artists alike – Dali, Pollack, Depeche Mode, Tupac, and modern artists like Android Jones.

With the advent of the revolution brought about by NFTs, XiXELS has reinvented himself, repurposing years of abstract art pieces to carve a niche for himself in the current digital art space. Like each NFT, XiXELS’ work is unique and carries with it tones and stories that are subjective, fluid, and innovative in keeping with the times, told from a place of pride and promise: Every one of his pieces is seemingly ageless and immutable.

Non-Fungible Tokens appear to have ushered in the beginnings of a renaissance for creatives. XiXELS aims to take full advantage of it by not merely creating new art pieces for profit but putting one-of-a-kind pieces in the hands of those who are seeking something beyond the usual. He has been given a new lease of life in exploring his vision, using technology to incorporate soundscapes, and moving pictures to create unique and empowered works of art. His portfolio showcases physical and digital abstract art – now minted as NFTs, large-scale paintings, clothing, and prints.

In the coming years, XiXELS envisions collaborating with a team of artists on projects that resonate closely with him and his art and currently has an art series in the works. He remarks that his creativity is born from a place of visceral grit, and he intends to share that undiluted power with the world. XiXELS aims to continue growing his portfolio, expanding into multiple facets of the art and entertainment industry while paving the way with technology and inspiration for purveyors of Non-Fungible Tokens.

Learn more about XiXELS on Instagram or visit the official website.

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