Blue Sapphire Stone Available with Star Lanka in Brilliant Hues and Saturation Fashioned by Expert Lapidarists

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Blue Sapphire Stone Available with Star Lanka in Brilliant Hues and Saturation Fashioned by Expert Lapidarists

Star Lanka is a leading global wholesaler and retailer of exquisite gemstones. Its website offers the most competitive rates on high-quality precious stones sourced from established locations worldwide. Customers are assured of a great product and caring customer service.

According to announcements released by Star Lanka and Suhail S, this leading seller of gemstones and precious stones stocks some of the finest blue sapphire stone available anywhere in the world. The deep blue of sapphires has long been prized by royalty across continents. Famous sapphires that have fascinated over the years include the Star of India and the Logan Stone. 

Color is the most important aspect to consider when evaluating blue sapphire stones. Pure blue stones with deep saturation are the most prized ones. Lighter-toned stones are valued over deep-toned ones. Sapphires are second only to diamonds in hardness. These stones score nine on Moh’s mineral hardness scale. They do not have any cleavage planes and are therefore ideal for jewelry. Blue sapphires are sturdy stones and do not require any special care. Customers are advised not to use ultrasonic systems for cleaning oil-treated sapphires. Warm water, soap, and a brush are all that it takes to clean these beautiful stones. 

Gem-quality corundum in any color apart from red is regarded as a sapphire. Red corundum is called a ruby. Trace elements such as iron, titanium, and chromium impart colors to sapphires. Sapphires display one color under natural light and another under incandescent light. Apart from jewelry, sapphires also find use in precision machine parts and watches. 

Star Lanka offers blue sapphire gemstone in different cuts, sizes, qualities, and prices. These stones can be added to jewelry and worn for special occasions or be purchased as an investment. These blue sapphire stones are cut and polished by the very craftsmen that fashion gemstones for the top luxury brands in the world. The stones are available to the public at a fraction of the price charged by brands. 

Star Lanka has earned the trust of its customers because of its fully transparent mine-to-market business model. 

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Suhail S of Star Lanka said, “We provide gemstone certification service for all our gemstones and use only reputed labs for certification. Our partnered labs have been in the gem industry for a long time, and we do not recommend any other lab that is not mentioned here for certification.

“There have been three famous sources for blue sapphire stone throughout history: Burma, Kashmir and Sri Lanka, which was known as Ceylon until 1972. Sri Lanka, or Ceylon, has been the most prolific producer of sapphires out of the three.

“Kashmir sapphires are almost non-existent today since no new stones of any significant value have been found in the last century. Burma still produces high-quality sapphires, but their main focus is on the mining of rubies.

“Although Sri Lanka is most famous for blue sapphire, mined in the southern end of the country, around Ratnapura (City of Gems), southeast of Colombo, there is a huge variety of sapphires mined in the country. You may find pink, yellow, green, violet, and rare pink-orange sapphires called Padparadscha.”

About the Company:

Founded in 1985, Star Lanka has grown to become a leading manufacturer and seller of quality gemstones. These are created from precious stones sourced ethically from conflict-free zones. Through Star Lanka, buyers can purchase the best quality rubies, garnets, tanzanites, and other stones at a relatively lower cost.

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