Reviving Athena Movement Supports Women Who Lead

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Reviving Athena Movement Supports Women Who Lead

Uncovering the Roots of Resistance to Assertive, High Achieving Women.

Half the world’s natural leaders who could help solve our toughest problems are assertive, visionary, high achieving women–the very women we’ve been conditioned to resist. In many countries it isn’t a policy problem. We’ve come a long way in that regard. Resistance to women’s leadership is actually a programming problem. Our unconscious bias manifests as: lack of support and empathy for assertive women, shifting into neutral when a woman is in charge, or making poor decisions to avoid yielding to a woman’s logic.

This is often blamed it on societies or business cultures; but the team at Revive Learning and Wellness looked deeper. They found that resistance to female leadership is a construct born right at the dinner table. This is where we first learn to resent women in authority—and both genders do it.

Take a stereotypical, nuclear family as an example. It starts over eating our vegetables, using our napkin, how we’re dressed, or whether our homework is done. Trying to ease the tension, dad allows the kids to roll their eyes, mock, or argue with mom to escape her high standards. Dads and kids join forces in what Dalisia calls maternal triangulation. Mom may be leading them in the right direction—they just learned it was okay to resist her as long as dad allowed it.

This unintended trap occurs because most of us are conditioned toward paternal approval seeking—the second dynamic in play. When dad corrects us, we expect it—that’s leadership. We fix ourselves to get back in his good graces. But when mom corrects us, well…we can hold a grudge against her for decades. Not everyone hangs onto to resentment for their mothers. Some of us grow up without a mom, but society fills in the narrative that we otherwise wouldn’t have had.

This subconscious programming is brought into our communities, schools, our careers, and our extended families. When an assertive woman shows up at work or in our personal lives, we reflexively hold back or fight against her. Her deadly sins include vision, self-advocacy, decision making, and accountability… all of which trigger our rebellious inner teenager. You’ve likely seen conference rooms full of those at work.

The only way to combat these dynamics is to drag them out into the light, talk about them, and change our thinking so we can move forward in better team and family decision making. We are progressing, but we’ve been doing it with one hand tied behind our backs. Imagine what we could do with two!

The Reviving Athena movement was created to help women, organizations, and families overcome barriers to women’s leadership and contributions. If you’d like to learn how to work with Dalisia and the Reviving Athena team, visit or follow them on Instagram @revivingathena.

Available services include keynotes, courses, coaching, and retreats. Revive Learning & Wellness also offers wellness programs, life coaching, and wellness retreats for their members and clients.

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