Yampolsky & Margolis Comments on Its Drug Crime Defense in Las Vegas

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Yampolsky & Margolis Comments on Its Drug Crime Defense in Las Vegas

Yampolsky & Margolis Comments on Its Drug Crime Defense in Las Vegas
Yampolsky & Margolis shared why it’s a top law firm fighting drug crime charges. The company said that drug charges in the state of Nevada include misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, and felony charges. However, the firm insisted it can offer legal counsel to people convicted of drug charges to help them live better and more stress-free lives.

Las Vegas, Nevada – According to Yampolsky & Margolis, a law firm, drug charges are serious criminal charges that can lead to lengthy jail terms, or even a stay in a prison operated by the Nevada Department of Corrections (“NDOC”)  or a hefty fine. However, the experienced and professional lawyers at the firm – Mace J. Yampolsky and Jason R. Margolis–fight aggressively for clients charged with drug crime(s). In addition, the firm said drug charges are treated differently under state law as opposed to federal law, but they understand the law(s) and are well-versed in finding ways to ensure charges are eliminated or reduced.

The law firm understands well the intricacies included within the most common drug charges and the various penalties for possession, distribution, and/or trafficking of various drugs. The Las Vegas Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys | Yampolsky & Margolis said drug possession claims are charged by statute, and the limits are specified up to a given amount. The firm mentioned that drug charges varied from transporting substances, possession with intent to sell, and trafficking controlled substances. However, the attorneys said that possessing marijuana of less than one ounce is legal.

The company also mentioned what happens when someone is charged with transporting drugs. Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas explained that people caught transporting substances carry a potential of up to six years jail term. However, the attorneys insisted they ensure their clients avoid jail entirely (i.e., are granted probation) and failing that, endeavor to get the lowest possible jail term because they understand the value of a given drug case… In addition, the attorneys explain that the penalties are enhanced for subsequent charges, be they simple drug possession, as opposed to distribution or trafficking of larger amounts, so skilled advocates are necessary to ensure the best possible outcome.  

The drug crimes defense lawyers mentioned the importance of hiring experienced lawyers after being charged with a drug crime. Yampolsky & Margolis explained that those charged with drug crimes should expect harsh penalties, jail time, and probation–but that the presence of an experienced drug crimes defense counsel can ameliorate the worst potential pitfalls. The attorneys at the firm have defended clients from charges including but not limited to drug sales, drug possession, marijuana cultivation, meth labs, and drug trafficking. In addition, Mr. Yampolsky and Mr. Margolis are knowledgeable and understand how drug laws operate in court, as well as in practical reality. Hence, the attorneys insisted that no drug case is too big for them.

About Yampolsky & Margolis

Yampolsky & Margolis is a drug crime law firm with more than four decades of combined practice experience. The firm handles cases involving all manner of drugs, drugs such as valium, nalorphine, anabolic steroids, tranquilizers, and Rohypnol. Of course, this is in no way an exhaustive list. In addition, the skilled drug crime attorneys at Yampolsky & Margolis are well regarded professionals and shrewd negotiators–they understand how convictions vary depending on the type or nature of the drug, the amount possessed, distributed, or trafficked–and perhaps most importantly, the collateral consequences of a controlled substances conviction.  Furthermore, these attorneys have handled many drug cases in myriad Nevada courts, municipal, justice, Eighth Judicial District Court, and the United States District Court for the District of Nevada– these men know how to navigate the questions raised by the charges filed and give their clients a great shot at obtaining a fair and just result. Again, the firm charges pocket-friendly fees, depending on the  drug crime charges.

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